Welcome to A Vegetarian Experience

Hi and welcome.

Regardless of whether you are already a Vegan or Vegetarian, whether you are contemplating becoming one or just interested in adding to your recipe repertoire, I hope you find something of value here for you.

If you go to the bottom of this website you will find many posts under four categories: General Interest, Health, News Items and Recipes. You will find plenty to read, but I am no longer adding content to this website. Instead, I have created a Facebook Page, where I regularly post recipes and interesting articles.

So if you are interested in discovering more delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes just click on the FB Icon on the top right of this website.

I hope you enjoy the content.

At this stage I have only published one Vegetarian Recipe book (perhaps more to come). In time, I will add Recipe Books by other authors to give you a selection choice.

I hope my Mediterannean-influenced Vegetarian recipes interest you enough to entice you to purchase my book. You can do this by clicking on the image above.

For the time being, I have chosen not to include a subscription form, but if you would like to be informed of any future releases or free promotions, you can drop me a line at: zara@avegetarianexperience.com.

Again, thanks for your interest in my book(s).

If you have already purchased my book and clicked on the free download link within the book and arrived at this page, it means that the link has broken. Please contact me by email and I will happily forward the download to you.

I hope you enjoy your Vegetarian Experience.

Please note that in most cases, content posted here is curated content. It is not my intention to create the impression that the blog posts are my writing. If I do add a comment, it will be italicized and generally at the beginning of the post.



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