Monthly Blog Archives: June 2014

Meet the ex-Olympian behind Brooklyn’s vegetarian cafe-spa

This article comes from the New York Post and was written by Maridel Reyes. Click the link below to go to the site for the full article. Nestor Cora, a former Olympic basketball player for Puerto Rico, says opening your own business boils down to staying true to your passions.Photo: Tamara Beckwith On a stretch of East Williamsburg near the Graham Avenue L subway stop, the low-key Earth Wellness Cafe is easy to miss. But […]

A tomato tart satisfies a craving when the air turns chilly — and then when the sun returns

Deb Lindsey from The Washington Post has written the following article and provides you with a recipe for Mexican Tomato Tart With Cumin Pastry. Click on the link below to go there for more recipe ideas. I don’t know about you, but now’s about the time when I get a major hankering for tomatoes. I’ve held out most of the winter and spring, but now that we’ve had flashes of warm weather I’m craving the tang of […]

Quit meat, save dough

A simple act pays off for our wallets, our bodies, our planet and the animals we share it with BOB FILA/KRTMoney to burn Beef prices are now at their highest level since Reagan sat in the Oval Office. Many pork cuts have doubled in price. The last time egg prices were this high, President Obama was still Senator Obama. There are many causes — including severe drought and a fatal diarrheal epidemic sweeping through the […]

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