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Make the most of summer sweet corn with these 10 vegetarian recipes : TreeHugger

In North America, corn is in season all summer long and into the early fall. You can add its sweet flavor to a wide range of dishes, from main courses to desserts. Although corn syrup has earned a bad reputation as an added sugar, fresh sweet corn is full of vitamin A, vitamin B3 and fiber. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite ways to enjoy this summer staple. Simple spices Fresh corn on the […]

Can Vegetarians Go Paleo?

Bacon, steak and more bacon is often associated with the much-hyped Paleo Diet , which is undoubtedly having a moment. Can vegetarians take part in a diet that puts so much emphasis on meat? It is possible. Our Paleolithic ancestors were very much about the meat, yes, but vegetables, nuts and seeds were also part of their whatever-we-can-get-our-hands-on meal plan. The basic premise of this stone-age eating is to eat like hunter-gatherers did 10,000 years ago. […]

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