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Sir Paul records ‘vegetarian’ song –

Sir Paul McCartney has stepped up his efforts to persuade people to regularly cut meat from their diet by recording a song, and getting famous pals to appear in the video. Joanna Lumley, Twiggy and actor Woody Harrelson are a mong the familiar faces in the video for his track Meat Free Monday – which he has launched online. Sir Paul has been encouraging people to eat a flesh-free diet once a week to cut […]

Cool Product: Vegan and vegetarian answer cards available | This Dish Is Veg – Vegan, Animal Rights, Eco-friendly News

As vegans or vegetarians, we all get those questions and comments—you know what I’m talking about. “Do you eat fish?” “Are you still a vegan?” “Where do you get your protein?” “Don’t you miss meat?” “I could never stop eating meat!” And one question leads to another and another. At This Dish Is Veg, we thought we would make your life easier by creating some informative (okay maybe sarcastic and humorous come to mind as well) answer cards. Now, rather than engaging […]

Vegetarian lifestyle good for environment – The Morning Call

All humanity is at the point of having to make a very difficult choice. We either end our consumption of animal foods or face two consequences: the planet not being able to feed people sufficiently to maintain good health into the future, and the destruction of our environments that have provided for life for hundreds of millions of years. Here’s the present situation and future expectation. We have to recognize that the world has an […]

Meatless meals even meat eaters will love – St. Joseph News-Press and FOX 26 KNPN: Life

In a region where beef often is what’s for dinner, it’s hard to make the case for vegetables, much less convince people to forgo meat altogether. However, heart disease and obesity are problems of epidemic proportions in America, so more people are finding ways to cut down their meat intake. One way to do this is to make vegetables the star attraction of the dinner plate. Lexi Moore, a volunteer with Goode Food-Delivered, has been […]

Why Richard Corrigan is turning vegetarian –

The London-based chef has hinted that he may be opening a vegetarian restaurant in Dublin. Katy McGuinness reports on what delights may soon await his Irish customers. Celebrity chef Richard Corrigan is considering opening a new vegetarian restaurant in Dublin using produce from his 100-acre estate in Co Cavan. The gardens of Corrigan’s Park Hotel in Virginia are already supplying vegetables to the chef’s London restaurants: Corrigan’s Mayfair, Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Bentley’s Sea Grill […]

Weeknight Vegetarian: Quinoa strategies, cont’d. – The Washington Post

Every so often, I come back to quinoa. For those who remember what I’ve said about it before, this is perhaps surprising. But the fact is, it’s hard to escape this little pseudo-grain (really a seed), which tends to turn up just about everywhere you look. That’s especially true when it comes to vegetarian recipes. And for good reason: Too many vegetarians are really carb-etarians, and if you’re looking for foods high in protein and […]

Teaching kids about vegetarianism – The Washington Post

When my son made this declaration, his friends asserted he should be a vegetarian since he has such a soft spot for fish. They quickly recategorized him as a pescetarian, until I clarified that a pescetarian actually eats fish, and often plenty of it. One girl in the group stated she has been slowly becoming a vegetarian, yet she still sometimes craves meat or will eat it when her parents tell her to. She asked […]

Living life without meat

Have you ever thought of living a life without meat? We are a meat eating society with burger joints and barbecue restaurants at every turn. America is a country where large amounts of food and all-you-can-eat buffets are rooted in our “desire-to-have-more” culture. For Brenda Garza, eating a meatless diet for more than 40 years has been the healthiest choice. Garza is a registered nurse and registered dietitian at Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center in […]

Spinach Walnut Pesto Pasta | Valdosta Today – South Georgia’s News Source

Yum, Yum! Looks absolutely delicious! We’re anything BUT vegetarian at the Harp household. We were probably a pack of wolves in another life, actually.  However, whether a lifestyle choice or a health choice, more and more are living the vegetarian way.  We have friends who are vegetarians, Kristy and her husband Donaldson Johnson.  You may think, if you’re carnivorous as are we, that you can’t possibly have anything food-related in common with vegetarians. I say you […]

What Do You Eat? The Staples of a Vegetarian Diet

As someone who has been living the vegetarian lifestyle for quite a few years now, I’ve been asked many questions about what it’s like to not include meat, fish and meat products in my diet. However, there are two questions that come up time and time again: “What exactly do you eat?” And, my personal favorite, “But where do you get your protein?” So whether your going veggie or just trying to eat healthier, these are the […]

MuLondon Skincare Products Approved by The Vegetarian Society –

London, United Kingdom, September 01, 2014 –(– MuLondon’s award-winning range of moisturisers and cleansers has earned the honour of displaying The Vegetarian Society seedling symbol. This confirms that MuLondon products are free from animal fats or gelatine, contain no GMOs and are cruelty-free. Su Taylor, Press Officer at the Vegetarian Society, said: “Well done to MuLondon Natural Organic Skincare for realising how important it is for customers to have clear vegetarian labelling, and having Vegetarian […]

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