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Weeknight Vegetarian: A dose of soup from a vegetable-loving German chef – The Washington Post

If you had asked me this time last year whether I considered German to be a particularly vegetarian-friendly cuisine, I would have laughed. My opinion wouldn’t have been based on any actual travel to Germany, only on some limited experiences in German restaurants (including mounds of smoked sausages ingested in central Texas). But since when does the lack of substantive research get in the way of a knee-jerk reaction? Anyhow, that was all before I […]

Be a vegetarian to stop cruelty (From Worcester News)

I am a vegetarian (most of the time), but I do not feel that my choice makes me superior to others who choose to eat meat. However, I do feel that animals that are farmed and eaten for our benefit, should at least be treated humanely. It is vital that we remember that animals do feel pain – to assume they don’t is to kid ourselves. So, I’m not against eating meat (though I prefer […]

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes That Prove This Mighty Machine Isn’t Just For Meat

Click on the link below to access the recipes.  Slow cookers have the reputation of being meat machines. While they have the unique ability to tenderize meat with minimal effort, the assumption that slow cookers are best for meaty dishes overlooks the amazing ways they can transform your vegetables. First of all, it recently came to our attention that you can steam food in your slow cooker, so beyond steaming vegetables, you can also steam things […]

Now is the best time for some greens

So often when we talk about salads, we apologize. If we bring a salad to a potluck, we play down our contribution. If we serve salad for dinner, we regret that it isn’t more substantial. If a co-worker asks what we ate for lunch and the answer is leafy, green and dressed with vinaigrette, we say, “Oh, just a salad.” We take salads for granted, as cooks and as eaters. We undervalue them for their […]

Eating insects is better than eating meat, but is it any more ethical? | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Not all vegans refuse to eat honey, but many do. They see interfering with the lives of insects (in this case, bees) to be as problematic as eating other animals or animal products. (And just so there’s no confusion, insects are animals.  Those who work for animal rights and advocate for insects are correctly including them in their definitions.) So, many vegans are starting to question the heavily hyped — and seemingly growing — act […]

Burger King bigwig goes for veggie startup

Sweet Earth Natural Foods touts its natural ingredients, like nourishing grains, plant-based proteins and vegetables. From the looks of its products, which include seitan, veggie burritos, and quinoa and lentil burgers, it would be hard to guess that its founder was once a board chairman of Burger King  and a top executive at PepsiCo . That’s exactly what founder Brian Swette was, until he was introduced to the movement in sustainable foods. “I was kind of […]

Hilton Chennai culinary express ‘pantry car’ offers Goan delicacies

Chennai: Hilton Chennai’s Culinary Express now offers Goan delights like fish or paneer recheado, Goan curries (fish or prawn), moogachi gathi (green sprouts slow cooked with Goan spices) and others and the response is good, the hotel’s top chef said. “The dishes are made in home style and not in the typical restaurant style. The masala is made ready by chef Peter Pinto from Double Tree by Hilton Goa. In fact he has lugged quite […]

Be Vegan, But Do Not Impose Please – The New Indian Express

I agree with the sentiments expressed in this article. We all need to learn to respect the belief and customs of other cultures. No body is exclusively ‘right’. Taking this hardline approach is what has led humans into wars and persecutions. It is time for respect.  I know I will invite a lot of public flak for slacking off the idea of those jute-wearing tree-hugging types, the kind who bleed internally every time a venison […]

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