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Why this Lower Parel restaurant will thrill vegetarians – Life and style

I’ve added this article because of the amazing images. Click on the link below for inspirational ideas on how to serve your Vegetarian meals. Very imaginative. By Krutika Behrawala |Posted 25-Feb-2015 With its versatile Mediterranean fusion menu and traditional fare served with a twist, Lower Parel’s Ithaka is a vegetarian’s delight We walked into Lower Parel’s newly-opened eatery, Ithaka: Veg Lebanese Kitchen the sister concern of Riso that’s a floor below with a sense of […]

Why the paleo diet isn’t really paleo : TreeHugger

By Katherine Martinko (@feistyredhair) – Living / Green Food, February 23, 2015 Forget bison steaks, almond butter, and coconut oil. Our ancestors were probably foraging vegetarians who didn’t turn down the occasional lizard or wildebeest carcass when it was available. I have a beef with the Paleo diet. Not only is it unsustainable from an environmental perspective (for being so meat-centric and reliant on imported tropical ingredients), but I also dislike how inaccurate the modern interpretation of […]

Tips for making the switch to a plant-based diet – The Globe and Mail

By LESLIE BECK – Special to The Globe and Mail. Published Sunday, Feb. 22 2015, 12:00 PM EST The overarching reasons for adopting a vegan diet don’t get talked about enough – especially by nutritionists like myself. Not only is it good for individual health, a shift toward a plant-based diet is vital for the future health of the planet. Even eating meat-free one day each week can make a difference. But it’s not easy making the […]

7 Vegetarian Dinners Even Carnivores Will Devour | Jennifer Segal

Jennifer Segal, Chef, Recipe Developer, Busy Mom – Posted: 02/22/2015 8:52 am EST Whether you are expecting a vegetarian guest or just want to mix up your family’s dinner routine, you’ll wow everyone with these meatless meals. 1. White Bean Ragout A quick ragout of white beans, sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs in a robustly flavored broth makes a satisfying vegetarian main course. Serve it with a green salad and garlic bread for sopping up the […]

Ecocentric | Happy Chinese Lunar New Year – Share a Vegetarian Hotpot!

By Weiling Fu | 02.18.2015 | Editor’s note: This post comes from Weiling Fu, our lead web designer at GRACE. Weiling is originally from Taiwan and now lives in Brooklyn, where she hosts a great annual New Year’s party. This year, however, she’s in Taiwan, celebrating with her family, so we are especially glad to share her post and recipes. Gong Xi Fa Zai! This zodiac year will be the year of Goat. The Year of the […]

Lent Recipes: 10 Fish And Vegetarian Dishes That Are Full Of Flavor For The Holiday

By Natalie Roterman | Feb 18 2015, 05:20PM EST Practicing Catholics who are older than 14 normally abstain from eating meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and each Friday during the season of Lent. Shutterstock/Joshua Resnick Today is Ash Wednesday, the begging of Lenten Season of this year, which runs for 40 days until Saturday April 4, serving as a time where many Christians will prepare for Easter. Practicing Catholics who are older than 14 should […]

3 Vegetarian Meals That Will Fill You Up | The Daily Meal

February 18, 2015 | 03:44 PM By Kristie Collado, Editor These high-protein vegetarian meals will keep you full Biryani is an Indian dish, typically made with meat. This version is just as delicious and totally meat-free. It’s seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and garlic for a fragrant and filling vegetarian meal. Hard-boiled eggs give the dish extra protein.  Hazelnut Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers This delicious recipe will keep you full thanks to protein-packed quinoa. Shallots and hazelnuts […]

Why I’m going vegetarian after seeing shocking Animal Aid film of UK abbatoir cruelty

19 February 2015 by Kate Morris  I’m going vegetarian after eating meat for 50 years, since seeing shocking film of UK abbatoir cruelty One in eight Brits are now vegetarian. Kate Morris explains why, after eating meat all her life, the recent undercover footage of animal cruelty has made her become one too Going veggie: Kate is going to be eating a lot more of these I have always had a strong empathy with animals. I once […]

Vegetarian Kitchen: Long-term vegetarians say a lot has changed for the better, but that’s only half the story – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

VEGETARIAN KITCHEN Posted February 18  BY AVERY YALE KAMILA EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third in a seven-part series on what it’s like to be a vegetarian in Maine today. At a time when most of her peers are retired and some are finding themselves occupying hospital beds, Carole Hunne- well, 80, works four nights a week as an intensive care nurse. She fills the rest of her time volunteering for children’s causes and animal shelters. […]

Montreal Restaurant Serves A Classic Poutine Even Vegetarians Can Eat | MTL Blog

By Max Joseph · February 16, 2015 · Last week, I wrote on how Montreal’s adherence to chicken gravy is keeping it from becoming the undisputed poutine capital of the world it deserves to (and easily can) be. While I stand by my earlier argument, there is one restaurant in Montreal that proves the viability of a classic poutine without beef (or even meat of any kind): Comptoir 21. Although the restaurant advertises themselves primarily as […]

5 Tasty Desi Vegetarian Recipes | DESIblitz

By Bandhna Kaur • February 17, 2015 Vegetarian food can be incredibly tasty and self-indulgent. From Maa Di Daal to Chana Masala, we look at 5 Desi vegetarian recipes you should consider to spice up your palate! Vegetarianism is a popular practice amongst South Asians and a growing trend in the West. Contrary to popular opinion, vegetarian food can be tasty and exciting. And cooking your own food makes it that much more fun! DESIblitz explores […]

Second Public School in the U.S. Goes Vegetarian | Ecorazzi

BY NATALIA LIMA FEBRUARY 12, 2015 Following the footsteps of a public elementary school in Flushing, Queens, another public school in New York City has decided to go vegetarian. The Peck Slip School in lower Manhattan announced Monday that it will only be serving students plant-based meals due to its benefits not only for the kids but the planet as well, becoming the second non-charter public school in the U.S. to do so. “We decided […]

Chef Scott: Vegetarian Cheese and Tortellini Chowder |

BY JIM MERTENS – POSTED 11:15 AM, FEBRUARY 12, 2015 It’s easy to make your meals healthier. “Vegetarian dishes are really popular these days,” says Chef Brad Scott, director of the Scott Community College’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Center. “We’re going to make a Cheese Tortellini Chowder, but we’re going to get rid of the whole milk.” “I’ve used almond milk in place of it and you’re going to love it.” “I’m also adding cheese […]

Plant-based menu options sprouting up everywhere | Windsor Star

By Beatrice Fantoni, Feb 11, 2015 – 5:38 PM EST – Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015 – 9:11 PM EST The list of entrees on the latest menu at Neros Steakhouse reads something like this: herb roasted double cut Alberta lamb chops, organic bison tenderloin, lentil cake spiced with cumin and caramelized onion. You read that right. Right next to steaming hunks of meat is a full-out vegetarian entrée made of lentils. And it’s tasty, too. […]

Are you tired of bone broth? Try this vegetarian sweet potato broth instead. – The Washington Post

Food trends seem to come at the speed of light nowadays. You hear somebody mention the words “bone broth,” and you think, “Isn’t that just stock?” The next day you hear it mentioned about a dozen times on Twitter, and you read a piece emphasizing that it’s so much more than just stock, and the day after that you hear a story about it on the radio explaining that it has to include vinegar, and […]

Record sales for vegetarian food company Quorn |

Meat-free producer Quorn Foods said it racked up record sales last month as consumers ditched fad diets in favour of healthy long-term options. The England-based firm, which employs 650, said sales lifted 8% to £14.6m in January as it sold more of its meat free sausages, mince and chicken style fillets. It said sales in the UK rose 6% to £10.9m in January, adding that revenues jumped 64% last month in the United States. The […]

6 Tips for Tastier Vegetarian Food

Cooking great vegetarian food is not rocket science. In fact, some of our favorite chefs—like Yotam Ottelenghi—embrace a veggie-forward menu, proving that we don’t need meat for flavor or substance. Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian, a fan of Meatless Monday, or begrudgingly eat your greens, there are a few tricks of the trade for making meat-free meals more satisfying. 1. Embrace Alterna-Protein This (hopefully) goes without saying: A vegetarian meal needn’t be comprised exclusively of […]

Inspired Vegetarian Swap-Outs | Ali Rosen

Becoming a vegetarian — or even someone who just wants to eat less meat — can often mean giving up beloved items. But Karen Page, the author of The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, thinks that the trade-offs don’t have to be so extreme. She believes that for almost all flavors there can be substitutes that are often indistinguishable from the originals. She even has swap-outs for vegan items as well. So to learn what items can […]

This Meat-Eaters vs. Vegetarians/Vegans Shit Needs to Stop

I hope you enjoy reading this article which has been written by a meat-eater who is “fed up” with the politicising of food choices. I happen to agree with his thoughts on this topic. Everyone is entitled to their opinions – but there is no need to force those opinions onto any one else.  Meat-eaters and vegans are getting into an angry spat involving a New York restaurant, and oh my God can they both […]

Bone Broth, the Healing Soup From the Paleolithic Diet (Also a Vegetarian Alternative) | Sat Hon

From ancient time, one of the foundations of the Paleolithic diet is “bone broth,” the clear, concentrated protein-rich elixir that Chinese herbalists and chefs have known more or less forever as healing stock. Our ancient Ice Age ancestors probably made theirs by sinking fire-heated river stones into the stomachs of mammoths they were able to hunt in a cooperative effort, and the subsequent festivity and banquets for the hunters and tribes would be this bone […]

Is a vegetarian diet good for your health? Research says yes – Journal Inquirer: Harlan Levy Consumer Diary

A friend of mine has a problem: She gets sick a lot. I mean a whole lot. It seems as if she’s sick with a bad cold or a sinus infection or a bronchial thing once a month. She’s also a vegetarian, gets no exercise, and is clearly gaining too much weight. I sure as hell would never say any of this to her, but I am bothered. I wondered if being a vegetarian is […]

Vegetarianism 101: Make your transition a slow one – San Antonio Express-News

Going cold turkey on a meat-based diet might leave your taste buds asking, “Where’s the beef?” As the American trend toward vegetarianism continues, I occasionally hear from people who, for health or other reasons, have decided to try going from carnivore to vegetarian in one day and — surprise! — found it difficult or impossible, or at least unpleasant. So I called Rachel Meltzer Warren, a registered dietitian and nutrition and author of “The Smart […]

A Vegetarian’s Guide To Proteins – The New Indian Express

A vegetarian can have a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food habits. A balanced diet for them is easily possible but most vegetarians don’t take care to consume an important nutrient of a balanced diet — the proteins. The richest sources of protein are usually not consumed by vegetarians — meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Being the building blocks of a human body, proteins are essential for the proper functioning of all the […]

63 Hearty Vegetarian Recipes That’ll Fill You Right Up

In a world with mores kinds of vegetables than minutes in a day, the possibilities for delicious vegetarian meals are limited only by the imagination. If variety is the spice of life, then vegetables certainly jazz things up. Naysayers of plant-based diets may argue that vegetarian dishes lack a little something — whether it be nutrients (no, y’all), flavor (nope) or the ability to keep hunger at bay (enough already). Vegetarian dishes embrace every flavor […]

Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank Adds A Kinder Option For People In Need

Apparently $100 buys a lot of vegetarian food. “We’ve been amazed when we go shopping and we’re buying bags of rice and lentils, how much stuff we have in our cart for $100,” says Matthew Noble, director of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank (TVFB), tells The Huffington Post Canada. The Toronto-based animal activist, along with other volunteers, just started the new program, motivated by what he sees as the lack of options for vegans and […]

Derek Rielly: Becoming a vegetarian… again

He was a bigger than average fish, some kind of striped tropical creature cooped up in an aquarium in the Spanish city of San Sebastian. A pretty thing that caught the eye. And as I roamed the dark halls he followed. I’d stop. He’d stop. I’d stare. He’d…well sure, fish don’t blink. But you get the picture. I’m not one for epiphanies, generally, but as I looked at that damn fish I said aloud, “I […]

Seasonal Chef: Gluten-Free Spicy Vegetarian Chili

By Maria Reina, TJN Every now and then I go back and revisit a recipe, to see what I can do to tweak it. This past weekend I decided to make my Spicy Vegetarian Chili. Since I was going to be sharing it with our gluten-free friends I needed to make a few adjustments. In my original recipe I had  a combination of lentils, freekeh and farro. It’s worth noting that wonderful part of the original recipe […]

Sweets fit for a vegetarian – Sentinel-Tribune: Cooks

For years, Jennifer Karches was a proud vegetarian. It sounds healthy, right? And by eliminating meat from her diet, she was not contributing to animal cruelty. “I kind of felt virtuous being a vegetarian,” said Karches, of Bowling Green. Then in 2010, through her job at WBGU-TV, Karches met Dr. Neal Barnard, an author, researcher and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who came to the station for a fundraiser. “I got to […]

Paleo eaters need to start grappling with issues of sustainability : TreeHugger

Promoting a meat-centric diet for health reasons is one thing, but such a diet has planetary repercussions that can no longer be ignored. The Paleo diet is all the rage within the CrossFit community. For the past two years, since joining the local gym, I’ve heard countless conversations about why we need to eat like our Paleolithic ancestors, ditch the horrible carbohydrates, and eat meat, meat, and more meat. “Money can’t buy you happiness, but […]

10 Books That Will Turn You Vegetarian | Scottish Book Trust

Should we eat meat? These books attempt to answer that question Whether or not you eat meat, it’s hard to deny that there are many good arguments for abstaining from animal products. Some find these arguments so strong that they choose to avoid meat products altogether, whereas others don’t. Whether you’re a steak-and-ale pie lover or a strict vegan, why not read one of these fascinating books and see where you stand on the issue? […]

Vegetarian Diet Reverses Coronary Artery Disease

“A way to reverse CAD?” J Fam Pract 2014 Jul;63(7):356-364b.         This study was a prospective cohort of 198 self-selected, adult patients with documented coronary artery disease (CAD), cerebrovascular disease, carotid artery disease, or peripheral arterial disease (PAD) who followed a strict, plant-based dietary intervention in addition to standard medical therapy.1 The study examined compliance with diet as well as adverse cardiovascular events in both adherent and nonadherent patients. Study Results: The mean […]

Serving Haute Vegetarian Platters – The New Indian Express

Sujit Mehta and Sharmila Shah are more than just consultants. The co-founders of restaurant and catering consultancy, WeServe, along with their team, have given Ahmedabad a few distinctively different and interesting restaurants. At the recently opened restaurant called 70 Degrees East in the western suburbs of Ahmedabad, Mehta and Shah were working out some fusion and creative dishes that would make the new restaurant different from others. “I like playing with words and the name […]

This Collection Of The World’s Greatest Customer Feedback Will Be The Funniest Thing You Read Today

Click on the link below for the full article. Something to make you smile perhaps. When a passenger hated the food served on a Virgin Atlantic flight, he decided to write a letter to head Richard Branson criticising it. The letter went viral, and it was shared by Richard Branson himself, who said that it was the funniest complaint letter ever written. Read the entire letter here. “I’ll try and explain how this felt. Imagine […]

Inspired by Jane Goodall, Vincent Tan says he is going vegetarian | Malaysia | Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 — There was no denying that the 2,000-strong audience at Dr Jane Goodall’s talk this morning were inspired by her story of her life and work. But perhaps nobody was more inspired than Tan Sri Vincent Tan, the founder of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, who declared he was thinking of becoming a vegetarian because of her. Earlier in her talk, she had spoken about the impact on the environment from something as […]

Vegetarian Superbowl Snacks & Football Party Recipes with No Meat

The football party to end all football parties – the Superbowl – is just around the corner, and with it a table full of beef nachos, burgers, chili dogs, and chicken wings. What’s a vegetarian to do? This year, show your vegetarian Superbowl party attendees some love by serving a few meatless dishes. Here, a collection of awesome vegetarian Superbowl recipes – from black bean cemitas to cheese jalapeno poppers – that are guaranteed to […]

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