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The rise of the flexitarian

By Luc Rinaldi | April 19, 2015 Cheeseburger-loving flexitarians are driving a vegan boom—to the ire of some When Annabelle Randles’s friends throw dinner parties, they’re unsure whether to invite her. When she attends vegan trade shows to represent By Nature, her U.K.-based organic-products online store, and tells her customers she’s not vegan, she gets strange looks. And when she posts recipes with meat on her blog, The Flexitarian, she feels the wrath of her hard-core vegetarian […]

Pamela Anderson Praises Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Vegetarian Prison Meals – Breitbart

by BREITBART NEWS | 15 Apr 2015 | Pheonix, AZ PHOENIX (AP)—Some inmates at the Maricopa County Jail did a double-take after seeing actress Pamela Anderson serving their lunches. The former “Baywatch” star was in town Wednesday to help promote Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s all-vegetarian meal program. Arpaio says cutting meat from the meals served to the more than 8,000 inmates has saved an estimated $200,000 per year. The jail has been serving vegetarian meals for 16 months now. […]

Vegan or vegetarian pho recipe – Telegraph

By Uyen Luu | April 9, 2015 With ginger, fennel and pak choi leaves, this vegetarian Vietnamese broth is bursting with flavour. Pho is a national favourite breakfast dish among Vietnamese people. The Buddhist sector of the population tend to be vegetarian or vegan at many times throughout the year, but they do not miss out on the seductive power of pho, which wakes the senses for a great start to any day. This recipe […]

Vegetarians, ranchers and conscious omnivores of the world, unite! – The Ecologist

By Ronnie Cummins | April 7, 2015 Thinking people of all stripes are agreed in their opposition to cruel, exploitative animal farming, writes Ronnie Cummins. So it’s time for them to move beyond sterile ‘meat-eater versus vegetarian’ debates, and unite in their opposition to the daily atrocities of industrial agriculture. “No organic consumer, vegetarian or omnivore I’ve ever encountered supports feeding herbivores genetically engineered, herbicide-drenched grains, mixed with slaughterhouse waste.” For the first time since […]

The disgusting reason figs aren’t vegetarian will put you off for life – Mirror Online

By Helena Horton | April 7, 2015 This is really shocking – you probably shouldn’t serve figs to vegetarians, and you’ll probably never want to eat a piece of the fruit again. You probably shouldn’t serve figs to vegetarians, or people who aren’t into eating insects. When a wasp pollinates a fig, she often gets stuck inside. Edible figs always have at least one dead female wasp stuck inside. You won’t find a whole wasp […]

Foods For Energy If You’re Vegetarian Or Vegan

By Arti Patel | April 6, 2015 At some point in their lives, vegetarians and vegans have all been asked how they keep up their energy levels without meat in their diets. And because energy is essentially measured in calories from protein, fat, and carbs, it can get tricky to find the healthiest foods that will also give you a natural boost. “Total energy, or calorie, needs would not differ between vegans — someone who […]

New science on cholesterol, eggs and vegetarian diets | The Seattle Times

By Carrie Dennett | April 5, 2015 The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has reached some new conclusions about how Americans do and should eat. On Nutrition What’s in store for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines? Every five years, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans gets an update. This gives the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) the opportunity to review and reflect on the changing state of the science on nutrition and health, as well as statistics […]

A healthier (vegetarian) twist on sweet-and-sour chicken | The Chronicle Herald

By J.M. Hirsch, The Associated Press | April 3, 2015 There is just something disgustingly delicious about sweet-and-sour chicken, that deep-fried, sugar-slathered staple of Asian take-out. No matter how bad I know it is for me — and how badly executed the dish usually is — I still manage to crave it regularly. So I decided to see whether I could do better by creating a similar dish that would satisfy my sweet-and-sour urges without […]

As a Vegetarian Tourist, Here’s How to Plan Meals | Cara Spevick

By Cara Spevick | April 3, 2015 Since childhood, I have encountered people of all ages who are shocked to hear that I have never eaten meat. That’s right, I said never. Recently, since becoming a bit of an adventurous traveler, I have been receiving the same puzzled expressions and critical remarks, but not just from strangers. When my husband and I announced our travel plans to visit Argentina and Brazil this past winter, friends […]

Being vegan’s about ‘making positive changes’ |

By Jonathan Allen | April 4, 2015 Being vegetarian or vegan is about making positive changes. Huge ones. For the animals, for your health, for future generations and for the environment. It is choosing to not contribute to the industries that we know are exploitative, cruel and damaging. When I was 16, I worked in a supermarket butchery for a few months. At the same time I was considering going vegetarian and had already cut […]

IKEA’s new vegetarian meatballs ‘will save the planet’, says furniture firm | Daily Mail Online

By Rupert Steiner in Malmo, Sweden | April 2, 2015   Our new vegetarian meatballs will save the planet, says IKEA: Flat-pack furniture firm says meat-free makeover will cut carbon emissions by half IKEA hopes to save the planet with chickpea and kale ‘veggie balls’ The ‘non-meat meatball’ also contains carrots, peppers and peas  Swedish flat-pack firm sells one billion regular meatballs every year It changed the world with its flat-pack furniture and now Ikea […]

5 Habits Of Vegetarians You Should Steal

By Health | April 1, 2015 More and more of my clients consider themselves to be “part-time” vegetarians. While they may not want to give up meat altogether, they enjoy plenty of meatless meals or take part in ongoing movements, like Meatless Mondays. Even semi-vegetarians weigh less, and have lower risks of high blood pressure and diabetes. Plus, taking the focus off meat can be a simple way to boost your intake of plant-based foods […]

Food for Thought: ‘Vegetarian’ shouldn’t scare you off

By Donna Maurillo, Food for Thought | March 31, 2015 Scientists have just announced that eating grilled beef every day has been shown to speed up weight loss. Who thought? And I just read that the newly formulated Snickers bar now contains all your daily nutrients in one convenient snack. On top of that good news, here’s more. Next week, Dole Foods is introducing a line of vegetables that taste like lemon, chocolate, or cherry […]

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