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Burger King keen to replicate its Indian veg menu globally | Business Standard News

From Press Trust of India, Mumbai | June 28, 2015 Global fast-food giant Burger King, which especially formulated vegetarian options in the country to suit the Indian palate, is keen to introduce them in other vegetarian-friendly markets like the UK. Burger King India introduced as many as six vegetarian snacks, sandwiches and entry-level burgers in the menu when it started in November, 2014. “Looking at the response here, the global management is evaluating introducing some […]

Mary Berry: Vegetarian lasagne  | Daily Mail Online

This makes a real change from the classic lasagne and is well worth trying. If I’m having a party, I often serve both a vegetarian and meat lasagne, and they’re equally popular. For variety, replace some of the mushrooms with butternut squash. To continue reading this article and to access the recipe, please click on this link: Source: Mary Berry: Vegetarian lasagne  | Daily Mail Online

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Tastes of Turkey and Ethiopia give meatless diners some global options | The Star Telegram The Star Telegram

By Marilyn Bailey | June 26, 2015 I’m slightly late writing about two new-ish cafes that are small and quite special. Each brings a cuisine that’s hard to find in Fort Worth and is as interesting for vegetarians as for carnivores. Both deserve a following. Flying Carpet Turkish Cafe, which recently reopened after a long hiatus with an all-new menu, is also a rug shop with 500 handmade Turkish rugs on display, stacked in the […]

Time to go vegetarian: Smugglers caught with 40-year-old meat | Grist

By Grist staff | June 25, 2015 Hold on to your barf bags, folks: China’s latest disgusting food scandal gives a whole new meaning to the term “dry-aged beef.” NPR has the story: China’s customs agents have seized thousands of tons of frozen chicken wings, beef and pork that were smuggled by gangs. Weighing more than 100,000 tons, the meat has an estimated value of more than $480 million — but it also poses serious […]

WATCH: How to make Vegan popcorn chicken! | Diet & Food | Closer Online

By Fiona Day | June 23, 2015 Thought vegetarians and vegans couldn’t have popcorn chicken? Think again! Whether you’re Vegan, vegetarian or simply trying to eat less meat, this Vegan popcorn chicken recipe is the perfect meat-free option for all the family. Vegan cook and blogger Leila Buffery has shared her own easy-to-follow recipe on her YouTube channel, talking you through each stage in less than 6 minutes. It might take a couple of goes […]

Step Aside Big Mac, Vegetarian Gets the Drive-Thru Treatment | The Range: The Tucson Weekly’s Daily Dispatch | Tucson Weekly

By Jamie Verwys | June 23, 2015   Fast food joints have a place in our culinary history, if we like it or not. Some would say it started as far back as 1921 when White Castle opened its doors in Wichita, Kansas. Others say McDonalds, the Mac Daddy of fast food, was the originator in 1948. Whatever its true origins, perception and quality of cheap burgers, fries and shakes delivered through a convenient window, […]

10 Protein-packed vegetables – Livemint

By Kavita Devgan | June 22, 2015 From peas and broccoli to cauliflower and potatoes—a list of vegetables that you should include in your diet to get more of the body-building nutrient   Proteins are the building blocks of life. The basic structure of protein is a chain of amino acids, which are organic compounds that repair body tissue, help break down food and perform other body functions like regulation of enzymes and hormones. The […]

Go vegetarian – Livemint

By Sujata Kelkar Shetty | June 22, 2015 Experts around the world are advising people to eat a more plant-based diet, or a vegetarian diet, because it is healthier “So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore.” Albert Einstein wrote these words in a letter dated 30 March 1954, a year before […]

Bengal’s sweet and spicy flavours – The Hindu

From | June 20, 2015 Think mustard oil and the first thing that comes to mind is Bengali cuisine. A quintessential part of Bengali food, you can never separate mustard oil from the dishes. And then comes the distinct aroma of tempering. The ‘Big Bong Theory’ is something like this – if you don’t use the right ‘phoron’ (seasoning used for tempering) for the particular dish, you can never get the perfect taste, explains […]

Teeth found near Tel Aviv point to a new prehistoric human species – Israel Culture, Ynetnews

By Dudi Goldman | June 20, 2015 The 400,000-year-old teeth reveal that the origin of prehistoric man may be in Israel; anaylsis of teeth shows owner was vegetarian. Researchers found four teeth in the Qesem Cave near Rosh Ha’ayin (not far from Tel Aviv), and they were astonished at  test results that conclude the fossils to be some 400,000-years-old. The significance of this is that it’s possible that the origin of prehistoric man is in […]

Healthy Vegan, Vegetarian Carrot Hummus Recipe:

By Arielle Haspel | June 20, 2015 Nutrition expert and certified health coach Arielle Haspel created some delicious healthy snacks for our Treat Yourself video series, and now she’s back. Follow her here on the Vitamin G blog, where she’ll share her favorite healthy shortcuts and guilt-free recipes, just in time for bikini season. If you’re like me, you love quick, easy, and delicious snacks. Hummus is a go-to in most people’s fridges because it’s […]

Linger’s Vegetarian Options Include a Delicious Masala Dosa | Westword

By Chelsea Keeney | June 19, 2015 Linger is known for an eclectic mix of dishes from all over the world. You can, for example, load up on falafel while your dining partner picks at a bento box. It’s a place for just about any taste preference and the staff is incredibly accommodating to allergies and diet restrictions like gluten and dairy. While almost every item on the unique menu is worth exploring, some dishes, […]

Vegetarian Grilling in the Great Indoors |

By Scott Stiffler | June 17, 2015   BY CARLYE WAXMAN-HUSSERL RDN, CDN | Isn’t it about time vegetarians enjoy a BBQ without sacrificing an animal? Don’t wait for a sunny day to get your grill on! Below are fantastic “feel good” recipes that will make you FEEL like you’re enjoying a BBQ in the Hamptons…minus the ocean and minus the meat. There are some necessary tools to make this work. I like the larger […]

8 Vegetarian Side Dishes For Your Summer Cookout

By Lindsay Livingston | June 16, 2015 Summer is here and that means the perfect weather for picnics, cookouts and parties. Give me any excuse to bust out the grill, enjoy the sunshine and get together with family and friends and I’m a happy girl! While most people choose meat as their main course when grilling, I wanted to take time to give summer fruits and veggies a little extra love! There is so much nutritious and […]

What I make when … I need comfort |

By Sarah Tuck | June 17, 2015 The early winter that has hit New Zealand has made me immediately start craving comfort food and this simple but delicious menu definitely hits the spot. The mushrooms are creamy and full of earthy flavour, and I love soft polenta as an alternative to the regular carb offerings of rice, mash or pasta. This dish is vegetarian but would team beautifully with pork and fennel sausages if you […]

The Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to a Low-Carb Diet

By Joe Leech, Authority Nutrition | June 6, 2015 Cutting back on carbs is not very complicated. Just replace the sugars and starches in your diet with vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and fats. Seems pretty straightforward, unless you don’t eat meat. Conventional low-carb diets rely heavily on meat, which makes them unsuitable for vegetarians. However, this does not need to be the case. Everyone can follow a low-carb diet, even vegetarians and vegans. Here’s how to do it: […]

The Perfect Vegetarian Taco –

By Jason Diamond | June 16, 2015 Even though beans, cheese, and lettuce are usually instrumental ingredients when you tell somebody you’re making tacos, they probably expect some sort of meat. Pork, chicken, or steak tend to be the stars of the show, while all the other things in the tortilla are relegated to secondary status. RELATED: The 25 Best Tacos in Texas These roasted mushroom and grilled kale tacos from Bodega Negra Chef Michael Armstrong […]

Smoked Vegetarian Apple Sausage with Swiss Chard & Shiitake Mushrooms | KHON2

By Web Staff | June 15, 2015 It’s time to head into the kitchen for this month’s ‘Healthy and Delicious’ with Down to Earth. Today, Mama T is sharing one of her favorite “to go” recipes. It’s quick and easy – It’s a Saute dish with vegan Smoked Apple Sage sausage, Swiss Chard, and Shiitake mushrooms.  Mama T says it’s all done in about 20 minutes. But she does like to pair it with some […]

7 reasons to turn vegetarian – from better health to a cheaper food bill – BT

By Nel Staveley| June 12, 2015 It’s Meat Free Day, which is the perfect time to look at why a vegetarian diet might be better for you than a carnivorous one. Ask someone why they don’t eat meat, and the two big answers are probably ‘it’s cruel’ or the slightly less noble ‘I don’t like the taste’. But there are more good reasons why around four million Britons eschew the carnivorous diet, too; like how […]

I’m a Vegetarian. Don’t Judge! | BlogHer

By Firefly Dance | June 10, 2015 I love vegetables… covered in bacon  Hey, plants have feelings too!  You can’t afford meat? I can’t live without bacon  I like animals… on my plate!  Do you eat animal crackers?  You carrot-murderer!   These are the kinds of comments that I hear all the time. Whenever someone learns that my family and I are vegetarians we brace ourselves. Most of the time people are cool, throw out […]

Seven reasons why India needs eggs on the menu of midday meals

By Reetika Khera | June 10, 2015 They’re very nutritious, have a relative long shelf-life and could boost rural employment. Last week, the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan rejected a proposal to introduce eggs on the menu of the Integrated Child Development Services scheme – even just on a trial basis in three tribal districts. This short primer responds to some of the questions being asked about whether and why we need eggs […]

Eating local, thinking global: L.I. chef and food activist Bhavani Jaroff | Long Island Report

  By Natalia Orozco | June 7, 2015 Let’s face it: eating well when there’s a dollar menu and a Starbucks around every corner can be hard. Inspiring other people to do it also? Well, that’s an even greater undertaking. Now add motherhood, a Master’s in Education, and an extensive resume of kitchen experience to the mix and you have Bhavani Jaroff. The 58-year-old, Roslyn native is a woman on a mission, and it all […]

10 Vegetarian Salad Recipes To Lose Weight – Boldsky

By Denise Baptiste | June 4, 2015 Want to lose weight? Then try out these simple vegetarian salads. It is easy to prepare and not time consuming. These ten best salads to help you lose weight should be enjoyed with dressing that does not contain mayonnaise, cream and other high calorie ingredients. However, for some of these vegetarian salads you might need to add a little mayonnaise or cream to enhance the taste. In cases […]

Amy’s Kitchen Is Starting a Vegetarian Drive-Thru | TIME

By Alice Park | June 2, 2015 The frozen food company will launch a fast food drive-thru this summer Amy’s Kitchen wants to be more than just a frozen food company. In late June, it will launch its first drive-thru restaurant in Rohnert Park, Cal. to provide the same freshly prepared vegetarian foods the company is known for—but fast. “Everybody said we couldn’t do it,” says Andy Berliner who co-founded the company with his wife […]

How to make cheese gougeres – recipe | Life and style | The Guardian

By Jane Hughes | June 2, 2015 Choux pastry, or pâte à choux, is a French favourite – classically, it is used to make sweet profiteroles, but it can be used in savoury dishes too. These buns should be crisp and golden on the outside and light and fluffy within. To continue reading this article and to access the recipe, please click on this link: Source: How to make cheese gougeres – recipe | Life […]

Mock meats a new food trend

From | June 2, 2015 From jack fruit patties to soyabean chops or a ‘vegetarian’ chicken and fish – options for those seeking alternatives to meat are now available dime a dozen. Euphemistically termed mock meats, such food preparations are preferred choices across a cross-section of people ranging from newly turned vegetarians to those forced to curtail meat intake due to dietary restrictions. “I feel the trend of serving mock meat is catching up, […]

Why Aamir, Alia, Farhan opted for a vegetarian detox – Life and style

By Dhara Vora & Krutika Behrawala | June 2, 2015 Keen to regain the glow on your skin? Is the heat stopping you from tucking into mutton biryani? Experts tell you how to cleanse your system by opting for a vegetarian detox diet Does it work? While most non-vegetarians might cringe at the thought of eating only greens or indulging in curries sans fish, a vegetarian detox does help in cleansing your system, believe experts. […]

Leicester is being dubbed the vegetarian capital of Europe | Central – ITV News

From | May 31, 2015 Leicester is being dubbed the vegetarian capital of Europe because of the large number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city. There are more than 60 places to eat vegetarian and vegan food in the space of three miles. The Leicester Vegetarian and Vegan group believe this is more than anywhere else in Europe. They have helped to launch a new vegetarian short break to the city where […]


Helsinki-based, Agogo Apps ( is pleased to announce the launch of Veggoagogo, a 50 language travel translation app for vegetarians, available on the iOS and Android platforms. (TRAVPR.COM) FINLAND – May 30th, 2015 – Helsinki-based, Agogo Apps is pleased to announce the launch of Veggoagogo, a 50 language travel translation app for vegetarians, available on the iOS and Android platforms. iTunes: Google Play: Veggoagogo aims to provide the modern vegetarian traveller with an app […]

Vegetarian Protein Meal Ideas | POPSUGAR Fitness

By Julie Upton | May 29, 2015 Move over, meat! Dietitian Julie Upton, MS, RD, of Appetite For Health, shows us how to give our meals a meat-free protein boost. You don’t need to follow a Paleo diet rich in red meat, eggs, and poultry to get enough protein to build muscle and tamp down hunger. There are plenty of plant-based protein sources, like soy, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and even some veggies, that […]

A vegetarian in France? Good luck with that … | Herald Scotland

By Fidelma Cook | May 30, 2015 There’s a doctor here who, while considered a superb practitioner of his profession, has – to put very kindly – no bedside manner. The Brits are, in the main, signed up to him because he prides himself on his spoken English. And indeed many of them have reason to be very grateful to him because he has undoubtedly saved lives by his immediate referrals to specialists. Like all […]

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