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6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Go Vegetarian

By Megan Othersen Gorman | July 10, 2015 People who stop eating meat might experience some interesting changes, good and positive. Anyone who’s seen the documentary/horror show Supersize Me has considered going vegetarian. Heck, almost everyone with healthy urges has seriously contemplated the meatless life at one time or another. If you’ve hesitated out of concern for your burger-loving, deprivation-hating body, don’t worry, says Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, clinical associate professor of nutrition at […]

Vegetarian Frozen-Food Company Is Shaking Up the Fast-Food Status Quo

By Josh Scherer | July 9, 2015   As beef prices continue to rise and McDonald’s hemorrhages profits, new players are jumping into the burger game. Chipotle’s vegan tofu and chile Sofritas went national about a year ago, White Castle officially made its veggie sliders a permanent menu item in March, and Wendy’s is fresh off a single-city black-bean burger test run that was so successful it went viral. Plant-based foods are coming in hot to the quick-serve game—whether […]

Vegetarian Barbecue – Food –

By Jean Hanks | July 9, 2015 Whenever I’m invited to a summer barbecue, for a few seconds, I panic: What am I going to eat? As a pescatarian, I know I’m going to be one of the few people, if not the only person, not partaking of the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs. I also know that it’s unlikely, especially if it’s a potluck, that the table will be overflowing with healthy salads. And I […]

Top six sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans

By Kesava Commerford | July 9, 2015 Much like Beyonce the (sometimes) vegan, the main question I, a vegetarian, am asked is “where do you get your protein from? “It’s made me realise that most people aren’t aware exactly how much protein is needed each day, and how many different sources of protein there are that are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Depending on your goals, you need anywhere between 0.8 and 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. […]

Practical Nutrition: Making nutritious vegetarian meals – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Practical Nutrition Advice With Mary Jo Sawyer

By Mary-Jo Sawyer | July 7, 2015 I moved to the Richmond area partly because of all the cultural opportunities the city has to offer. Last month, I finally made it to the Richmond Vegetarian Festival. One of my favorite foods was a vegan taco from Don’t Look Back in Carytown. I chose a soft corn tortilla filled with pinto beans, a variety of veggies, and seasoned with spices, cilantro and lime. TVP, textured vegetable […]

What Meat Eaters Get Wrong About Vegetarians | TIME

By David Wolpe | July 6, 2015 We’re not all self-righteous I was 20 years old and working on a political campaign when I first visited a slaughterhouse. There I saw dead chickens swinging like pale acrobats on a conveyor belt suspended over a vat, and I met a man who called himself, with only a hint of irony, a “goop scooper.” I walked out with the vague idea that I might become a vegetarian […]

Meatless Monday: An elegant vegetarian burger – Entertainment & Life – – Providence, RI

By Kristen Hartke, The Washington Post | July 6, 2015 Former “Top Chef” contestant Spike Mendelsohn’s Prez Obama Burger is the most popular burger at his Good Stuff Eatery restaurants. The original is laden with applewood bacon, Roquefort cheese and horseradish mayo. This vegan version by Todd Gray, chef-owner of Equinox, is a testament to the flavor and texture that can be achieved with alternative ingredients. It has a triple shot of low-fat protein in quinoa, black […]

Complete vegetarian: Come home to this delicious carrots side dish

By Amaka Inyese | July 6, 2015 Do you have brown butter and carrot? Let’s make a salad. This side dish takes only 45 minutes. Browned butter adds rich flavour to the carrots. Try it with other vegetables or when making mashed potatoes. Don’t over brown the butter, or it could become bitter. To continue reading this article and to access the recipe, please click on this link:   Source: Complete vegetarian: Come home to […]

Stories from a Peripatetic Kitchen – The New Indian Express

By Supriya Sharma | July 4, 2015 When Rukmini Srinivas, then teaching at Queen Mary’s College in Madras, was first introduced to author R K Narayan by her husband in 1955, she had not heard of him or read his Swami and Friends. “I had grown up with Thomas Hardy and Somerset Maugham,” she writes in her cookbook-cum-memoir Tiffin, adding, “and had not heard of R K Narayan till I visited Mysore.” But that meeting […]

5 Superfoods to Maximize Your Plant-Based Protein Intake | Alternet

By Amy Goodrich, Natural News | July 3, 2015 There are many sources of protein — and they’re not all from meat and seafood alone. You can get your daily protein intake from plants. While there are now more and more converts to veganism and vegetarianism, one of the main concerns of an herbivore is having sufficient protein intake. Protein is the body’s building nutrient, which means it reconstructs the body tissue. It protects the […]

Super Pasta: A pasta recipe everyone loves (even the vegetarian)

By Amaka Inyese | July 3, 2015 Feeding children is often a necessity that breeds culinary invention and preparing a quick and easy to have on hand meal is your best bets Feeding children is often a necessity that breeds culinary invention and preparing a quick and easy to have on hand meal is your best bets, this pasta recipe you will get the silky rich sauce resulting from generous use of bacon, egg and […]

Best New Orleans Vegetarian Restaurants

  From Nora McGunnigle | July 2, 2015 It can be tough to be a vegetarian in New Orleans. Given the pork-, game-, and seafood-heavy food culture down here, asking a chef to prepare veggie options can be like asking George R.R. Martin to plan your wedding. Inevitably, something’s probably going to die. But fear not, because thanks to the farm-to-table boom, there are more and more options for vegetarians on the city’s menus, and […]

Channel Your Inner Carrie Underwood With Yummy Plant-Based Recipes – Us Weekly

Buckwheat and whole-grain and hummus, oh my! Carrie Underwood and many other celebrities may sing the (healthy) praises of a plant-based diet, but who knew it could taste this amazing? Pure Bar founder Veronica Bosgraaf shares some of her yummy and super simple recipes with Us Weekly. Get ready to glow like your favorite famous herbivores! To continue reading this article and to access the recipe, please click on this link: Source: Channel Your Inner […]

How to Cook Tofu Without Getting Bored – Bon Appétit

By Rochelle Bilow | July 1, 2015 Whether you’re totally meat-free or just go vegetarian a day or two a week, there’s a lot to love about tofu. It’s a perfect blank canvas, and we’re not referring just to its beige color. Whether you use creamy, silken tofu for salad dressings and desserts (it’s very blend-able) or firm and extra-firm varieties for stir-fries, sautés, and grilled dishes, we’ve got 31 awesome flavor combinations to doctor […]

Sweet Dream bagels and Good Food and Wine Show – The West Australian

By Berlinda Conti | July 2, 2015 It’s been a whirlwind year for David Whorrall and his dream team since setting up his bagel business, Sweet Dream Foods, last year. His Montreal-style bagels are now sold at more than a dozen community markets around Perth. The range has expanded to include on-trend flavours and some Perth cafes have adopted them as a regular breakfast staple. Mr Whorrall, Canadian by birth and a devout vegetarian, has […]

Ducasse and other top French chefs offer allergy-free vegetarian menus | Executive Living | The Australian

By Remy Zaka, AFP | July 1, 2015 When French superchef Alain Ducasse stunned the haute cuisine world last year by dropping meat, boosting vegies and lightening up his menus, he was less bucking convention than joining a trend of accommodating vegetarians and people with food allergies. Fine dining at top restaurants run by uncompromising chefs may once have been unthinkable for such clients. But no more. “Twenty years ago we were lost when a […]

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