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Light and healthy – The Hindu

By Hadeel Yousuf | August 29, 2015 A recipe that combines the goodness of porridge and carrots Tiranga whole wheat porridge It is ideal for a light lunch or for those who want healthy food without adding too many calories. Not a particularly elaborate dish, it can be whipped up in 30 minutes for a couple of people. Though both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are there, it works better as a vegetarian dish. To continue […]

27 lip-smacking, vegetarian dishes to try during Kerala’s grandest feast – Quartz

By Itika Sharma Punit | August 28, 2015 Like most Indian festivals, Onam is typically celebrated with food—lots and lots of it, consisting of at least six courses. So much so that a proverb in Malayalam on the harvest festival goes “kaanam vittum onam unnanam.” It means a man must host a sadya—ora grand vegetarian lunch banquet—even if he is forced to sell his property. The sadya, which is served on a banana leaf and […]

7 ways to make family dinners work when your child is a vegetarian – The Washington Post

By Aviva Goldfarb | August 26, 2015 If your child decided to become a vegetarian, would you be a) Shocked? b) Thrilled? c) Horrified? d) Overwhelmed? When our daughter Celia was young, her favorite meal was steak. I’m not a big meat eater and as the main family cook, I only made meat a couple of times a week. But if Celia had her way, our dinners would have alternated between steak, pasta and chicken […]

10 popular vegetarian biryani and pulao dishes – The Times of India

From | August 25, 2015 Rice happens to be India’s staple diet. People relish rice in lunch or dinner with dal and Subji. It is loved pan India in form of biryani and pulao . Many people think making these delicacies takes a lot of time and energy. Here are some easy to make Biryani and Pulao varieties for the vegetarian eaters. Good use of spices and mixing up the rice in an expert […]

Is It Safe To Follow A Vegan Diet During Pregnancy?

By Tania Lombrozo | August 24, 2015 When I was pregnant with my first child, friends and family inevitably asked about my diet. “Are you sticking to vegan food?” they wondered, with variable admiration or anxiety. For some, the curiosity was about cravings. One mother told me she was irresistibly (and unexpectedly) drawn to hot dogs her third trimester; another confessed her sudden fascination with red meat. Surely, I’d crave things beyond the vegan sections […]

Vegan restaurants convince consumers that the vegan trend is here to stay! • The Raw Food World News

By Lynn Griffith | August 24, 2015 In the United States alone, 7.3 million people follow a vegetarian diet, 1 million are vegan, and 22.8 million people largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet.  As research continues to amass proof of the numerous health benefits that come from giving up at least some, if not all, meat, the plant-based diet continues to grow in popularity. (1) Never before in history has there been a better time to […]

Leaving Nemo Out of Sushi – The New Indian Express

By Taniya Sahni | August 22nd, 2015 Can there be sushi with no fish in it? An apt answer to this question will be a tour across restaurants in Delhi that are serving this Japanese delicacy of vinegared rice, vegetables, and sometimes even fruits. And they have, to the delight of many vegetarians, omitted fish altogether in the preparation of sushi. “Twenty per cent of the diners that we serve at our restaurant Pan Asian […]

For vegetarians and vegans, it’s a new world of appealing options – LA Times

By Mary MacVean | August 22, 2015 In his new book, environmental journalist Joel K. Bourne Jr. argues that poverty is only partly to blame for hunger. Prosperity also plays a role: When people have more money, they tend to eat more meat and dairy foods. And that, he says, will increase the severity of the problem. “More than two-thirds of the world’s agricultural land is already used to grow feed for livestock, [and] world meat […]

The effect vegetarians have on the meat of the matter

By Sylvain Charlebois | August 22, 2015  What do Confucius, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci have in common? Well, not much professionally, but they were all vegetarians. Einstein once claimed: “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” With recent record meat prices, some might wonder if, all ethics aside, he had a point. On the supply side, consumers now […]

French Lawmaker Wants Mandatory Vegetarian Menu at School – ABC News

By Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press | August 21, 2015 France has been grappling with how to reconcile religious beliefs with secular values when it comes to pork in school lunches. One lawmaker’s solution: vegetarian meals. After banning Muslim headscarves in classrooms in 2004, France is now tackling what to put on the plates of observant Muslim and Jewish schoolchildren, who by tradition don’t eat pork. The proposal by lawmaker Yves Jego to serve vegetarian meals […]

American Vegetarianism Has a Religious Past | Smart News | Smithsonian

By Danny Lewis | August 20, 2015 Thank the creators of corn flakes and graham crackers for veggie burgers and not-dogs Vegetarian meat substitutes weren’t always as easy to find in restaurants and supermarkets as they are today. But here’s a fun fact you might not know: the religious men who invented the graham cracker and corn flakes also popularized veggie burgers in the United States, Ernie Smith writes for Atlas Obscura. Sylvester Graham and John […]

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