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Add some pep to your pasta with Southwestern Veggie Lasagna | Edmonton Journal

From ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen | September 23, 2015 The traditional cuisine of the southwestern United States is heavily influenced by Mexican flavours, often making use of ingredients such as tangy tomatoes, spicy chilies and hearty beans. Think beyond tacos and burritos with these creative ways to bring southwestern flavours into your kitchen. You won’t miss the meat in our Southwestern Vegetarian Lasagna, which is loaded with black beans, corn and cheese. Salsa, cumin and […]

French lawmaker is proposing all schools go vegetarian! • The Raw Food World News

By Lynn Griffith | September 21, 2015 In the United States, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that discrimination laws apply to employees’ dress and grooming.  Some religions prohibit wearing certain garments and others require hair to be certain lengths.  The law requires employers to make accommodations and be respectful of this, whether it is a newly adopted religious change, or one that has been a part of a person’s life for years. (1) […]

Meet Babiya, The Vegetarian Crocodile Who Guards A Temple In Kerala!

By Neha Borkar | September 20, 2015 India is all about amazing stories! Apart from historical monuments which makes a place interesting, there are many other miraculous stories which makes India a truly incredible country. Once such story is of Babiya, a crocodile who guards the famous Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kerala. Legend has it that, Babiya is a local guardian of the temple. Babiya only eats the temple prasad which is made of rice […]

Extreme Eats: Texas-Sized Dosa | Houstonia

By Megha Tejpal | September 18, 2015 MAYBE I HAVE LIVED IN TEXAS so long or maybe my eyes are indeed bigger than my stomach, but I have simply gotten used to the fact that jumbo-sized foods are the new normal. Everything is bigger in Texas right? Right. But there’s big, and then there’s too big for your plate. And let’s face it, sometimes we crave exactly such an extreme meal. In the way of these extreme […]

GRAY: Learn to eat humanely, even if not a vegetarian | Opinion |

By Jessie Gray | September 10, 2015 I’m at a restaurant with some friends, and the waiter is going around the table taking our orders. Someone orders chicken noodle soup; someone else gets a ham and cheese panini. As he approaches me, I ask if there’s any way to make the chicken alfredo vegetarian. Of course there is, he tells me, and moves to the friend on my right. She looks at me with big […]

Yale Environment 360: In Booming Aquaculture Industry, A Move to Plant-Based Food for Fish

By John H. Tibbetts | September 3, 2015 Aquaculture production has more than doubled since 2000, putting pressure on the stocks of small fish used to feed farmed salmon and other species. But researchers are now developing plant-based feeds that could put the industry on a more sustainable path. In a quiet valley just outside Bozeman, Montana, a trout stream by the name of Bridger Creek flows past a circle of low-rise buildings, including a […]

Ettie’s Eats: Vegetarian Chickpea Stew

From 417 Magazine | Ettie’s Eats | September 2015 Before I dive into this recipe, I have some bittersweet news. After three wonderful years at 417 Magazine, I am leaving to start a new adventure in my writing career. As part of that leap into the unknown, the Ettie’s Eats blog will be moving to a new home where you can continue to follow along with my cooking mishaps and meet some of the interesting characters […]

La Vernia News / Recipes / The vegetarian grill

By The Kitchen Diva! | September 2, 2015 Football season is upon us, and when it comes to tailgates and game-watching parties, people tend to think of hamburgers, steaks, brats and hot dogs for grill entrees. Instead, move the meat over and make room for vegetables. Why not try zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, bell peppers or portabella mushrooms? Grilling vegetables caramelizes them and brings out a sweetness not typically found in other cooking preparations. Even if […]

What it’s like to eat at Eatsa – Tech Insider

By Melia Robinson | August 31, 2015 I just had a dining experience straight out of “The Jetsons.” Futuristic fast-food chain Eatsa opened today near San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center. The vegetarian restaurant, which specializes in quinoa bowls that cost about $7, uses technology to automate the ordering and pick-up processes. Customers can dine in or out without interacting with a single human. Yes, it’s a little scary. Eatsa is backed by techie David Friedberg, who sold his […]

5 Easy Overnight Vegetarian Breakfasts

By | August 30, 2015 It’s not often that anyone has an hour in the morning to spend whipping up a great big balanced breakfast. But a nutritious meal is possible even when time is a rare commodity. These recipes are designed for anyone with little time to fix a morning meal – or who prefers the snooze alarm to satisfying bites. But you can hit that snooze button if you wish and still […]

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