5 Tasty Desi Vegetarian Recipes | DESIblitz

By Bandhna Kaur • February 17, 2015

Vegetarian food can be incredibly tasty and self-indulgent. From Maa Di Daal to Chana Masala, we look at 5 Desi vegetarian recipes you should consider to spice up your palate!

Vegetarianism is a popular practice amongst South Asians and a growing trend in the West.

Contrary to popular opinion, vegetarian food can be tasty and exciting.

And cooking your own food makes it that much more fun!

DESIblitz explores 5 vegetarian recipes that you must try.

To finish reading the article and for access to the recipes, please click on this linkvia 5 Tasty Desi Vegetarian Recipes | DESIblitz.

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