7 reasons to turn vegetarian – from better health to a cheaper food bill – BT

By Nel Staveley| June 12, 2015

It’s Meat Free Day, which is the perfect time to look at why a vegetarian diet might be better for you than a carnivorous one.

Ask someone why they don’t eat meat, and the two big answers are probably ‘it’s cruel’ or the slightly less noble ‘I don’t like the taste’.

But there are more good reasons why around four million Britons eschew the carnivorous diet, too; like how eating vegetarian could also make you healthier, slimmer, kinder, and – all importantly – very on-trend.

So on Meat Free Day, here are the reasons you should be saying no to steak…

It’s a generally better outlook

“Vegetarians and vegans often choose this way of eating for health reasons and are more likely to adopt other healthy lifestyle choices such as avoiding smoking, drinking less and exercising more which can positively affect long-term health,” says Rob Hobson, nutritionist at Healthspan.

It’s a better balance

“Avoiding meat is only one component of a vegetarian and vegan diet. The plant-based nature of these diets means a high intake of wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, pulses and non-meat proteins such as tofu,” says Hobson.

“These diets tend to be nutrient dense, high in fibre and low in saturated fat.”

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Source: 7 reasons to turn vegetarian – from better health to a cheaper food bill – BT

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