A CUP OF JO: Vegetarian Chili

This month, we’re featuring comfort food recipes, and what could be more comforting than curling up with a warm bowl of chili? (It’s also an easy meal to serve when friends come over.) Today, Erica from The Mama Circle shares her recipe for this hearty vegetarian chili that’s good for your body and soul. Here’s how she makes it…

Vegetarian Chili by Erica Chidi of The Mama Circle

Winter is for cozy bowl food. Winter also means an abundance of my favorite vegetable—squash. Beautiful, colorful, oddly shaped squash.

I prefer to use delicata squash in this chili because the flesh gets tender and sweet when cooked, which means no need for a peeler! Hearty, nutritious and ready to serve in under an hour, this fail-proof chili always hits the spot. In fact, I find that it tastes even better the next day. Quick tip: If you’re planning to eat the chili over a few days, add some fresh kale each time to reboot it!

via A CUP OF JO: Vegetarian Chili.

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