Aglaia Kremezi: Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts

Penny De Los Santos‘ photo spread in the beginning of Aglaia Kremezi‘s Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts (Abrams 2014 of purple artichokes, young zucchini with their yellow flowers, carrots, Swiss chard and fronds of fennel should remind us why vegetables can be so satisfying that the lack of meat is forgotten:

Vegetables are more photogenic, colorful, and sexy, so obviously they were the “Lolitas” of the camera lens. And yet, if I had prepared meat more often over the years, I would certainly have more than a dozen pictures to show for it.

Like so many Mediterranean cooks, Aglaia isn’t a vegetarian, but vegetables dominate her cooking, as they do the healthy cooking of Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean. She points out in her introduction that though the variety of vegetables may be limited, there are so many different ways to cook them and flavor them, that they are never boring. The point is learning that the same zucchini can make such different dishes when it is combined with stuffing, fried, sauced, or baked.

via Aglaia Kremezi: Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts.

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