Bone Broth, the Healing Soup From the Paleolithic Diet (Also a Vegetarian Alternative) | Sat Hon

From ancient time, one of the foundations of the Paleolithic diet is “bone broth,” the clear, concentrated protein-rich elixir that Chinese herbalists and chefs have known more or less forever as healing stock. Our ancient Ice Age ancestors probably made theirs by sinking fire-heated river stones into the stomachs of mammoths they were able to hunt in a cooperative effort, and the subsequent festivity and banquets for the hunters and tribes would be this bone soup, a communal broth as a life sustenance as well as a tribal bonding ceremony. Growing up in China, our Cantonese family always celebrated all festivals, New Year, August Moon Festival… with the bone soup. In time, this bone broth becomes a staple of southern Chinese culinary diets as well as a medicinal supplement to many ailments.

Recently, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese doctors have started to prescribe bone broth as a form of immune booster, possibly taking a cue from the fact that in bone marrow there are agents of immune cells. And in TCM theory bone marrow enriches the kidney function — the kidneys are the organs responsible for one’s general bone formation and health.

In my own personal history, when our family emigrated from China to America, the only family heirloom we brought along as our carry-on was an antique 100 years old soup clay pot, and contained within it was a special drunken chicken bone soup stock. And surprisingly, we passed the custom without a ripple. Now, being trained as a Classical Chinese doctor, I have the honor of being the keeper of the priceless clay pot.

Within the Taoist five-element theory of relationships, the reason in using clay or earthen pot to cook derives from its theory of fire generates earth while it will conquer metal — in another word, fire has a benevolent relationship with the clay pot and an antagonistic one with metal. Conceivably, the heat from a clay pot may be gentler and more even than a stainless steel one.

Click on this link to access the recipe: via Bone Broth, the Healing Soup From the Paleolithic Diet (Also a Vegetarian Alternative) | Sat Hon.

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