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How John Lennon taught me to cook vegetarian

By Jonathan deBurca Butler | October 7, 2015 John Lennon and Yoko had a love for Ireland, buying an island off Co Mayo. His visits to the area caused a mighty stir as chef, Johnny Carroll tells Jonathan deBurca Butler THERE was a giddy anticipation amongst staff at the Great Southern Mulranny in the summer of 1969. John Lennon was coming to Mayo and had chosen their hotel to lay his head. It wouldn’t be […]

Vegetarian Food photos on Instagram are gorgeous

By Madison Malone Kircher | October 5, 2015 If you’ve ever thought vegetarians eat nothing but salad, think again. From hot dogs to BLT sandwiches, vegetarians have created meatless alternatives to popular foods. And they might even be more tasty than the originals. So whether you’re a long time vegetarian or just thinking about changing your diet, Instagram is a great place to get food inspiration. In honor of Vegetarian Awareness Month, Instagram is currently featuring […]

Taco Bell now offers an AVA certified vegetarian and vegan menu! 

By Lynn Griffith | October 4, 2015   The Vegetarian Times Study reported that 7.3 million Americans are vegetarian and an additional 22.8 million Americans follow a vegetarian inclined diet.(1) The vegetarian diet has been continually growing in popularity.  Vegetarians have a lower risk of developing heart disease, colorectal, ovarian and breast cancers, diabetes, obesity and hypertension.  The diet is typically low in fat and high in fiber, though it is possible to eat excessive […]

World Vegetarian Day 2015: 15 things only vegetarians understand | Metro News

By Mandy Mazliah | October 1, 2015 Happy World Vegetarian Day and Vegetarian Awareness Month! In some parts of the world being vegetarian is the norm, and vegetarian food is readily available. Not always so in the UK. Even though there’s about 4 million vegetarians in the UK, restaurants can fool you into thinking it’s still the 1970s. It’s even worse if you go on holiday to Eastern Europe or South America. And, no, we’re not […]

Is France finally set to embrace vegetarianism? – The Local

By Oliver Gee ( | October 1, 2015 Life has always been hard for vegetarians in the land of steak tartare, foie gras and boeuf bourguignon but the times they are a changing. The vegetable enlightenment has finally reached France, but how far will it go? Ask any vegetarian in France about their dining lives and they’re bound to tell you two things – Firstly “It’s difficult” and secondly, “it’s a hell of a lot […]

French lawmaker is proposing all schools go vegetarian! • The Raw Food World News

By Lynn Griffith | September 21, 2015 In the United States, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that discrimination laws apply to employees’ dress and grooming.  Some religions prohibit wearing certain garments and others require hair to be certain lengths.  The law requires employers to make accommodations and be respectful of this, whether it is a newly adopted religious change, or one that has been a part of a person’s life for years. (1) […]

Meet Babiya, The Vegetarian Crocodile Who Guards A Temple In Kerala!

By Neha Borkar | September 20, 2015 India is all about amazing stories! Apart from historical monuments which makes a place interesting, there are many other miraculous stories which makes India a truly incredible country. Once such story is of Babiya, a crocodile who guards the famous Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kerala. Legend has it that, Babiya is a local guardian of the temple. Babiya only eats the temple prasad which is made of rice […]

GRAY: Learn to eat humanely, even if not a vegetarian | Opinion |

By Jessie Gray | September 10, 2015 I’m at a restaurant with some friends, and the waiter is going around the table taking our orders. Someone orders chicken noodle soup; someone else gets a ham and cheese panini. As he approaches me, I ask if there’s any way to make the chicken alfredo vegetarian. Of course there is, he tells me, and moves to the friend on my right. She looks at me with big […]

Yale Environment 360: In Booming Aquaculture Industry, A Move to Plant-Based Food for Fish

By John H. Tibbetts | September 3, 2015 Aquaculture production has more than doubled since 2000, putting pressure on the stocks of small fish used to feed farmed salmon and other species. But researchers are now developing plant-based feeds that could put the industry on a more sustainable path. In a quiet valley just outside Bozeman, Montana, a trout stream by the name of Bridger Creek flows past a circle of low-rise buildings, including a […]

What it’s like to eat at Eatsa – Tech Insider

By Melia Robinson | August 31, 2015 I just had a dining experience straight out of “The Jetsons.” Futuristic fast-food chain Eatsa opened today near San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center. The vegetarian restaurant, which specializes in quinoa bowls that cost about $7, uses technology to automate the ordering and pick-up processes. Customers can dine in or out without interacting with a single human. Yes, it’s a little scary. Eatsa is backed by techie David Friedberg, who sold his […]

27 lip-smacking, vegetarian dishes to try during Kerala’s grandest feast – Quartz

By Itika Sharma Punit | August 28, 2015 Like most Indian festivals, Onam is typically celebrated with food—lots and lots of it, consisting of at least six courses. So much so that a proverb in Malayalam on the harvest festival goes “kaanam vittum onam unnanam.” It means a man must host a sadya—ora grand vegetarian lunch banquet—even if he is forced to sell his property. The sadya, which is served on a banana leaf and […]

7 ways to make family dinners work when your child is a vegetarian – The Washington Post

By Aviva Goldfarb | August 26, 2015 If your child decided to become a vegetarian, would you be a) Shocked? b) Thrilled? c) Horrified? d) Overwhelmed? When our daughter Celia was young, her favorite meal was steak. I’m not a big meat eater and as the main family cook, I only made meat a couple of times a week. But if Celia had her way, our dinners would have alternated between steak, pasta and chicken […]

Frozen food fave Amy’s Kitchen opens drive thru

From KOIN 6 News Staff | August 24, 2015 ROHNERT PARK, Calif. (KOIN) — Popular frozen food brand Amy’s Kitchen, known for its vegan and vegetarian meals, opened a game changing ‘anti-fast food’ restaurant in California this summer. Amy’s Drive Thru in Rohnert Park is a restaurant that isn’t following in the footsteps of its not-so-healthy fast food counterparts. The restaurant provides non-GMO, organic, gluten free and vegan options for those looking to grab a bite on […]

Is It Safe To Follow A Vegan Diet During Pregnancy?

By Tania Lombrozo | August 24, 2015 When I was pregnant with my first child, friends and family inevitably asked about my diet. “Are you sticking to vegan food?” they wondered, with variable admiration or anxiety. For some, the curiosity was about cravings. One mother told me she was irresistibly (and unexpectedly) drawn to hot dogs her third trimester; another confessed her sudden fascination with red meat. Surely, I’d crave things beyond the vegan sections […]

Vegan restaurants convince consumers that the vegan trend is here to stay! • The Raw Food World News

By Lynn Griffith | August 24, 2015 In the United States alone, 7.3 million people follow a vegetarian diet, 1 million are vegan, and 22.8 million people largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet.  As research continues to amass proof of the numerous health benefits that come from giving up at least some, if not all, meat, the plant-based diet continues to grow in popularity. (1) Never before in history has there been a better time to […]

Leaving Nemo Out of Sushi – The New Indian Express

By Taniya Sahni | August 22nd, 2015 Can there be sushi with no fish in it? An apt answer to this question will be a tour across restaurants in Delhi that are serving this Japanese delicacy of vinegared rice, vegetables, and sometimes even fruits. And they have, to the delight of many vegetarians, omitted fish altogether in the preparation of sushi. “Twenty per cent of the diners that we serve at our restaurant Pan Asian […]

For vegetarians and vegans, it’s a new world of appealing options – LA Times

By Mary MacVean | August 22, 2015 In his new book, environmental journalist Joel K. Bourne Jr. argues that poverty is only partly to blame for hunger. Prosperity also plays a role: When people have more money, they tend to eat more meat and dairy foods. And that, he says, will increase the severity of the problem. “More than two-thirds of the world’s agricultural land is already used to grow feed for livestock, [and] world meat […]

The effect vegetarians have on the meat of the matter

By Sylvain Charlebois | August 22, 2015  What do Confucius, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci have in common? Well, not much professionally, but they were all vegetarians. Einstein once claimed: “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” With recent record meat prices, some might wonder if, all ethics aside, he had a point. On the supply side, consumers now […]

French Lawmaker Wants Mandatory Vegetarian Menu at School – ABC News

By Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press | August 21, 2015 France has been grappling with how to reconcile religious beliefs with secular values when it comes to pork in school lunches. One lawmaker’s solution: vegetarian meals. After banning Muslim headscarves in classrooms in 2004, France is now tackling what to put on the plates of observant Muslim and Jewish schoolchildren, who by tradition don’t eat pork. The proposal by lawmaker Yves Jego to serve vegetarian meals […]

American Vegetarianism Has a Religious Past | Smart News | Smithsonian

By Danny Lewis | August 20, 2015 Thank the creators of corn flakes and graham crackers for veggie burgers and not-dogs Vegetarian meat substitutes weren’t always as easy to find in restaurants and supermarkets as they are today. But here’s a fun fact you might not know: the religious men who invented the graham cracker and corn flakes also popularized veggie burgers in the United States, Ernie Smith writes for Atlas Obscura. Sylvester Graham and John […]

Vegetarian Frozen-Food Company Is Shaking Up the Fast-Food Status Quo

By Josh Scherer | July 9, 2015   As beef prices continue to rise and McDonald’s hemorrhages profits, new players are jumping into the burger game. Chipotle’s vegan tofu and chile Sofritas went national about a year ago, White Castle officially made its veggie sliders a permanent menu item in March, and Wendy’s is fresh off a single-city black-bean burger test run that was so successful it went viral. Plant-based foods are coming in hot to the quick-serve game—whether […]

What Meat Eaters Get Wrong About Vegetarians | TIME

By David Wolpe | July 6, 2015 We’re not all self-righteous I was 20 years old and working on a political campaign when I first visited a slaughterhouse. There I saw dead chickens swinging like pale acrobats on a conveyor belt suspended over a vat, and I met a man who called himself, with only a hint of irony, a “goop scooper.” I walked out with the vague idea that I might become a vegetarian […]

Stories from a Peripatetic Kitchen – The New Indian Express

By Supriya Sharma | July 4, 2015 When Rukmini Srinivas, then teaching at Queen Mary’s College in Madras, was first introduced to author R K Narayan by her husband in 1955, she had not heard of him or read his Swami and Friends. “I had grown up with Thomas Hardy and Somerset Maugham,” she writes in her cookbook-cum-memoir Tiffin, adding, “and had not heard of R K Narayan till I visited Mysore.” But that meeting […]

Best New Orleans Vegetarian Restaurants

  From Nora McGunnigle | July 2, 2015 It can be tough to be a vegetarian in New Orleans. Given the pork-, game-, and seafood-heavy food culture down here, asking a chef to prepare veggie options can be like asking George R.R. Martin to plan your wedding. Inevitably, something’s probably going to die. But fear not, because thanks to the farm-to-table boom, there are more and more options for vegetarians on the city’s menus, and […]

Burger King keen to replicate its Indian veg menu globally | Business Standard News

From Press Trust of India, Mumbai | June 28, 2015 Global fast-food giant Burger King, which especially formulated vegetarian options in the country to suit the Indian palate, is keen to introduce them in other vegetarian-friendly markets like the UK. Burger King India introduced as many as six vegetarian snacks, sandwiches and entry-level burgers in the menu when it started in November, 2014. “Looking at the response here, the global management is evaluating introducing some […]

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Tastes of Turkey and Ethiopia give meatless diners some global options | The Star Telegram The Star Telegram

By Marilyn Bailey | June 26, 2015 I’m slightly late writing about two new-ish cafes that are small and quite special. Each brings a cuisine that’s hard to find in Fort Worth and is as interesting for vegetarians as for carnivores. Both deserve a following. Flying Carpet Turkish Cafe, which recently reopened after a long hiatus with an all-new menu, is also a rug shop with 500 handmade Turkish rugs on display, stacked in the […]

Step Aside Big Mac, Vegetarian Gets the Drive-Thru Treatment | The Range: The Tucson Weekly’s Daily Dispatch | Tucson Weekly

By Jamie Verwys | June 23, 2015   Fast food joints have a place in our culinary history, if we like it or not. Some would say it started as far back as 1921 when White Castle opened its doors in Wichita, Kansas. Others say McDonalds, the Mac Daddy of fast food, was the originator in 1948. Whatever its true origins, perception and quality of cheap burgers, fries and shakes delivered through a convenient window, […]

Bengal’s sweet and spicy flavours – The Hindu

From | June 20, 2015 Think mustard oil and the first thing that comes to mind is Bengali cuisine. A quintessential part of Bengali food, you can never separate mustard oil from the dishes. And then comes the distinct aroma of tempering. The ‘Big Bong Theory’ is something like this – if you don’t use the right ‘phoron’ (seasoning used for tempering) for the particular dish, you can never get the perfect taste, explains […]

Teeth found near Tel Aviv point to a new prehistoric human species – Israel Culture, Ynetnews

By Dudi Goldman | June 20, 2015 The 400,000-year-old teeth reveal that the origin of prehistoric man may be in Israel; anaylsis of teeth shows owner was vegetarian. Researchers found four teeth in the Qesem Cave near Rosh Ha’ayin (not far from Tel Aviv), and they were astonished at  test results that conclude the fossils to be some 400,000-years-old. The significance of this is that it’s possible that the origin of prehistoric man is in […]

Linger’s Vegetarian Options Include a Delicious Masala Dosa | Westword

By Chelsea Keeney | June 19, 2015 Linger is known for an eclectic mix of dishes from all over the world. You can, for example, load up on falafel while your dining partner picks at a bento box. It’s a place for just about any taste preference and the staff is incredibly accommodating to allergies and diet restrictions like gluten and dairy. While almost every item on the unique menu is worth exploring, some dishes, […]

7 reasons to turn vegetarian – from better health to a cheaper food bill – BT

By Nel Staveley| June 12, 2015 It’s Meat Free Day, which is the perfect time to look at why a vegetarian diet might be better for you than a carnivorous one. Ask someone why they don’t eat meat, and the two big answers are probably ‘it’s cruel’ or the slightly less noble ‘I don’t like the taste’. But there are more good reasons why around four million Britons eschew the carnivorous diet, too; like how […]

I’m a Vegetarian. Don’t Judge! | BlogHer

By Firefly Dance | June 10, 2015 I love vegetables… covered in bacon  Hey, plants have feelings too!  You can’t afford meat? I can’t live without bacon  I like animals… on my plate!  Do you eat animal crackers?  You carrot-murderer!   These are the kinds of comments that I hear all the time. Whenever someone learns that my family and I are vegetarians we brace ourselves. Most of the time people are cool, throw out […]

Eating local, thinking global: L.I. chef and food activist Bhavani Jaroff | Long Island Report

  By Natalia Orozco | June 7, 2015 Let’s face it: eating well when there’s a dollar menu and a Starbucks around every corner can be hard. Inspiring other people to do it also? Well, that’s an even greater undertaking. Now add motherhood, a Master’s in Education, and an extensive resume of kitchen experience to the mix and you have Bhavani Jaroff. The 58-year-old, Roslyn native is a woman on a mission, and it all […]

Amy’s Kitchen Is Starting a Vegetarian Drive-Thru | TIME

By Alice Park | June 2, 2015 The frozen food company will launch a fast food drive-thru this summer Amy’s Kitchen wants to be more than just a frozen food company. In late June, it will launch its first drive-thru restaurant in Rohnert Park, Cal. to provide the same freshly prepared vegetarian foods the company is known for—but fast. “Everybody said we couldn’t do it,” says Andy Berliner who co-founded the company with his wife […]

Mock meats a new food trend

From | June 2, 2015 From jack fruit patties to soyabean chops or a ‘vegetarian’ chicken and fish – options for those seeking alternatives to meat are now available dime a dozen. Euphemistically termed mock meats, such food preparations are preferred choices across a cross-section of people ranging from newly turned vegetarians to those forced to curtail meat intake due to dietary restrictions. “I feel the trend of serving mock meat is catching up, […]

Leicester is being dubbed the vegetarian capital of Europe | Central – ITV News

From | May 31, 2015 Leicester is being dubbed the vegetarian capital of Europe because of the large number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city. There are more than 60 places to eat vegetarian and vegan food in the space of three miles. The Leicester Vegetarian and Vegan group believe this is more than anywhere else in Europe. They have helped to launch a new vegetarian short break to the city where […]


Helsinki-based, Agogo Apps ( is pleased to announce the launch of Veggoagogo, a 50 language travel translation app for vegetarians, available on the iOS and Android platforms. (TRAVPR.COM) FINLAND – May 30th, 2015 – Helsinki-based, Agogo Apps is pleased to announce the launch of Veggoagogo, a 50 language travel translation app for vegetarians, available on the iOS and Android platforms. iTunes: Google Play: Veggoagogo aims to provide the modern vegetarian traveller with an app […]

A vegetarian in France? Good luck with that … | Herald Scotland

By Fidelma Cook | May 30, 2015 There’s a doctor here who, while considered a superb practitioner of his profession, has – to put very kindly – no bedside manner. The Brits are, in the main, signed up to him because he prides himself on his spoken English. And indeed many of them have reason to be very grateful to him because he has undoubtedly saved lives by his immediate referrals to specialists. Like all […]

Competition encourages sustainability and healthy choices | Scoop News

Press Release from NZ Vegetarian Society | May 27, 2015 Competition encourages sustainability and healthy choices Student film competition encourages sustainability, ethics and healthy choices School years are a time when young people are defining their beliefs, morals and values. It’s a common time for students to begin questioning their lifestyle choices, which can often mean their diet also. For the second year, in time for World Vegetarian Day, the NZ Vegetarian Society is running […]

Veggie burgers in 1930s Vilna – a Jewish chef ahead of her time – Books – – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

By Ofer Aderet | May 26, 2015 Veggie burgers in 1930s Vilna – a Jewish chef ahead of her time Decades before vegetarianism became trendy, Fania Lewando cooked up a non-meat storm in her restaurant, attracting such diners as Marc Chagall. The Yiddish cookbook she wrote nearly vanished. Now it can be read in English. Several years ago, the director of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York offered something to members of […]

Living a healthy lifestyle in polluted Jakarta | The Jakarta Post

From The Jakarta Post, Jakarta |May 25, 2015 A live harp and violin performance by Lisa Gracia and Jonny Hutagalung accompanied 20 people who were enjoying vegetarian meals at the second newly opened vegan gourmet restaurant, Burgreens, on the rooftop balcony of the Organik Klub organic grocery store in Tebet, South Jakarta. Hanging out in the restaurant means giving a treat to your eyes, too, as the expansion unit on the balcony is overlooking the […]

No bananas please, we’re vegetarian! The foods you think are meat-free but actually contain SECRET animal products  | Daily Mail Online

By Anucyia Victor for MailOnLine | May 20, 2015 Karin Ridgers, founder of VeggieVision TV, has identified stealthy foods Bananas can sometimes be sprayed with a pesticide which has shellfish When pollinating figs, wasps can die in the fruit and become part of it Think bananas, figs and miso soup are perfect foods for vegetarians? Think again. A range of foods, from fruit and packaged cereal to beer and even figs, are assumed to be safe to […]

Flexitarian trend prompts growth in vegetarian products :: Industry News :: FoodProcessing

By FoodProcessing Staff | May 18, 2015 Previously viewed as tempeh-loving fringe dwellers, vegetarians are now far more widely accepted – so much so that as many as 26% of consumers now consider themselves to be ‘flexitarians’ (those who prefer a more plant-based diet but still eat meat occasionally), according to a Nutrition Business Journal survey. Food companies are now responding to the growing demand for vegetarian food offerings by releasing a greater variety of […]

Packaged foods go vegetarian

From MedicalPress | May 15, 2015 Vegetarian foods are positioned for success in the marketplace as public health advocates highlight the benefits of plant-based diets and a growing number of consumers embrace meat-free or meat-reduced lifestyles. Earlier this year, for example, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) report included adopting a vegetarian diet among its recommended approaches to healthful eating. So it’s hardly surprising that mainstream food industry brands like Boca from Kraft Foods, […]

I’m going vegetarian 3 times a week – Jamie – IOL Lifestyle

By Jemma Buckley | May 13, 2015 London – He says success in mastering his recipes lies in the timing.And it is just as vital an ingredient for Jamie Oliver in building his business, it seems. The celebrity chef has come out in favour of a vegetarian lifestyle – just ahead of the launch of his vegetarian cookbook. He has revealed he tries to be vegetarian two or three times a week, and said adopting […]

– Maine woman founded church, converted followers to vegetarianism

By Avery Yale Kamila | May 13, 2015 Vegetarianism can sometimes seem like a 1970s fad that mushroomed alongside organic food. However, meatless eating stretches back through recorded history to ancient Greece and India, waxing and waning in popularity over the ages with the rise and fall of religious and philosophical ideas. We Mainers can claim our own share of its history, most prominently in the life of Ellen Gould White. “It is impossible to […]

Sales of fake meat explode, but is it really better for you? – Fortune

By Mark Koba | May 11, 2015 Sales of meatless and vegetarian products are soaring, although only 7% of U.S. consumers call themselves vegetarian. The hunger for fake meat — or meatless meat — is getting bigger. So much so that the latest sales numbers of plant-based meat alternatives reached $553 million in 2012, representing a growth spurt of 8 percent from 2010. “We are doubling the business annually,” said Ethan Brown, CEO ofBeyond Meat, […]

Bo Derek’s plastic surgery, aging and beauty tips: Vegetarian diet and workout – National Celebrity Fitness and Health |

By Samantha Chang | May 11, 2015 Bo Derek, who became an international sex symbol after starring in the 1979 movie “10,” sizzles at age 58, thanks to a mostly vegetarian diet and an active lifestyle that does not include gym workouts. Derek has not had plastic surgery and said aging is “not for sissies.” While Bo has long been hailed for her bombshell beauty, she takes a casual approach to her looks, but admitd […]

Charles Krauthammer: A vegetarian future – Fayetteville Observer: National Columns

By Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post columnist | May 9, 2015 We often wonder how people of the past, including the most revered and refined, could have universally engaged in conduct now considered unconscionable. Such as slavery. How could the Founders, so sublimely devoted to human liberty, have lived with – some participating in – human slavery? Or fourscore years later, how could the saintly Lincoln, an implacable opponent of slavery, have nevertheless spoken of and believed […]

Wendy’s testing veggie burger, and people like it | Metro

From | May 6, 2015 Wendy’s has become the latest fast food chain to launch a vegetarian-friendly menu item. The burger chain has been spotted quietly testing out a meat-free burger made with black beans at select restaurants in the company’s birthplace of Columbus, Ohio, reported Columbus Biz Insider. The test product includes a black bean patty served on a multigrain bun with asiago ranch sauce, Colby-pepper jack cheese, tomato and spring mix. News […]

Egg white to fish: 5 superb foods for fabulous, shiny and strong nails

By IANS | May 5, 2015 Who said frequent manicures are the only way to maintain good-looking nails? If they’re healthy on the inside, it’ll show on the outside. Although the strength of nails is largely determined by one’s genes, a healthy and balanced diet can do wonders to improve quality, and give your nails that extra lustre, shine and strength you desire.  Here’s expert advice on what you should dig into: 1 Organ meat […]

Oregon companies join vegetarian food fight – Portland Business Journal

By Wendy Culverwell, Staff Reporter: Portland Business Journal | May 4, 2015 Oregon is well-represented in a brewing battle over the final version of the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines. With a comment deadline looming Friday, the meat, dairy and now plant-based industries are lobbying the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services to include their views in the final recommendations of what Americans should eat. The agencies are required to […]

Ho Chi Minh City, a food heaven for vegan, vegetarian travelers | Travel | Thanh Nien Daily

By Thanh Nien News | May 4, 2015 US travel website When On Earth has listed Ho Chi Minh City among the ideal cities worldwide for vegans and vegetarians. The city is named one of the ten destinations that “tickle veggie-loving taste buds” as it offers a wide range of no-meat menus. Visitors can look for the word “quan chay” which means vegetarian restaurant if they specifically want that. But many general restaurants are also willing to […]

7 Vegetarian Curries You Must Eat | DESIblitz

By Harvey Bhogal | April 29, 2015 Indian cuisine is famous for its colourful, culinary delights. This is especially true for the many gorgeous vegetarian curries diners can choose from in Indian restaurants. Most Indian restaurant diners are familiar with baltis, kormas, and jalfrezis. But there are a host of unearthed gems on the menu which do not get the same attention. Herbivores however have known about these delicious dishes for a long time. Some […]

Peruvian Cuisine Today — Fusion Flavors and Superfoods | Manuel Villacorta

By Manuel Villacorta | April 27, 2015 Last month I went back to my native Peru to visit the capitol, Lima, and explore the new food developments popping up. Since I wrote my two Peruvian superfoods books, Peruvian cuisine has taken off in the United States as well as around the world. Those popular effects are being felt in Peru as well, as Lima experiences a growing gastronomic explosion. On this recent journey, I wanted […]

In search of Tokyo’s vegetarian bentōs | The Japan Times

By Ananda Jacobs | April 24, 2015 In the TV industry, bentō (boxed lunches) come with the territory, and, in my years here, I’ve seen nearly every type of bentō you could imagine. They are, however, often ordered in bulk and usually contain some kind of meat or fish. Still, to refuse a bentō on set (in favor of eating your own packed lunch or running to the nearest convenience store) means it will go […]

Meeting in the middle when meat divides a household – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

By Avery Yale Kamila | April 22, 2015 Janel Croll of Portland has been a vegetarian for 15 years. During the last nine she’s shared a home – and a kitchen – with her husband, who eats meat. “It works because he doesn’t cook,” said Croll, 36. “I do the majority, if not all of the cooking. He’ll eat whatever I cook.” Zach Croll, 33, agrees. He enjoys her cooking and doesn’t bring much meat […]

Memphis Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol Gets Lean and Strong Without Much Meat – WSJ

By Jen Murphy | April 13, 2015 Most people go to Barcelona, one of the world’s great food cities, and forget their diets. When Marc Gasol, the Memphis Grizzlies star center, was there last summer, he lost 20 pounds. Mr. Gasol, 30, stopped eating refined sugar and processed foods and cut back carbs and red meat. Mr. Gasol is originally from Barcelona and spends the off-season back home with his wife and daughter. He describes […]

The rise of the flexitarian

By Luc Rinaldi | April 19, 2015 Cheeseburger-loving flexitarians are driving a vegan boom—to the ire of some When Annabelle Randles’s friends throw dinner parties, they’re unsure whether to invite her. When she attends vegan trade shows to represent By Nature, her U.K.-based organic-products online store, and tells her customers she’s not vegan, she gets strange looks. And when she posts recipes with meat on her blog, The Flexitarian, she feels the wrath of her hard-core vegetarian […]

Pamela Anderson Praises Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Vegetarian Prison Meals – Breitbart

by BREITBART NEWS | 15 Apr 2015 | Pheonix, AZ PHOENIX (AP)—Some inmates at the Maricopa County Jail did a double-take after seeing actress Pamela Anderson serving their lunches. The former “Baywatch” star was in town Wednesday to help promote Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s all-vegetarian meal program. Arpaio says cutting meat from the meals served to the more than 8,000 inmates has saved an estimated $200,000 per year. The jail has been serving vegetarian meals for 16 months now. […]

Vegetarians, ranchers and conscious omnivores of the world, unite! – The Ecologist

By Ronnie Cummins | April 7, 2015 Thinking people of all stripes are agreed in their opposition to cruel, exploitative animal farming, writes Ronnie Cummins. So it’s time for them to move beyond sterile ‘meat-eater versus vegetarian’ debates, and unite in their opposition to the daily atrocities of industrial agriculture. “No organic consumer, vegetarian or omnivore I’ve ever encountered supports feeding herbivores genetically engineered, herbicide-drenched grains, mixed with slaughterhouse waste.” For the first time since […]

The disgusting reason figs aren’t vegetarian will put you off for life – Mirror Online

By Helena Horton | April 7, 2015 This is really shocking – you probably shouldn’t serve figs to vegetarians, and you’ll probably never want to eat a piece of the fruit again. You probably shouldn’t serve figs to vegetarians, or people who aren’t into eating insects. When a wasp pollinates a fig, she often gets stuck inside. Edible figs always have at least one dead female wasp stuck inside. You won’t find a whole wasp […]

New science on cholesterol, eggs and vegetarian diets | The Seattle Times

By Carrie Dennett | April 5, 2015 The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has reached some new conclusions about how Americans do and should eat. On Nutrition What’s in store for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines? Every five years, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans gets an update. This gives the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) the opportunity to review and reflect on the changing state of the science on nutrition and health, as well as statistics […]

As a Vegetarian Tourist, Here’s How to Plan Meals | Cara Spevick

By Cara Spevick | April 3, 2015 Since childhood, I have encountered people of all ages who are shocked to hear that I have never eaten meat. That’s right, I said never. Recently, since becoming a bit of an adventurous traveler, I have been receiving the same puzzled expressions and critical remarks, but not just from strangers. When my husband and I announced our travel plans to visit Argentina and Brazil this past winter, friends […]

Being vegan’s about ‘making positive changes’ |

By Jonathan Allen | April 4, 2015 Being vegetarian or vegan is about making positive changes. Huge ones. For the animals, for your health, for future generations and for the environment. It is choosing to not contribute to the industries that we know are exploitative, cruel and damaging. When I was 16, I worked in a supermarket butchery for a few months. At the same time I was considering going vegetarian and had already cut […]

Food for Thought: ‘Vegetarian’ shouldn’t scare you off

By Donna Maurillo, Food for Thought | March 31, 2015 Scientists have just announced that eating grilled beef every day has been shown to speed up weight loss. Who thought? And I just read that the newly formulated Snickers bar now contains all your daily nutrients in one convenient snack. On top of that good news, here’s more. Next week, Dole Foods is introducing a line of vegetables that taste like lemon, chocolate, or cherry […]

7 Types of Vegetarianism and Their Environmental and Health Benefits | Care2 Causes

By Catherine Gill | March 28, 2015 Although the word vegetarian was coined in the year 1839, and used thereafter as a term referring to a primarily plant-based eater, this particular lifestyle and diet choice has been in existence since practically the beginning of time. In fact, famous vegetarians who lived before then include Confucius (551- 479 BCE), Plato (428- 348 BCE), Leonardo da Vinci (1452- 1519) and Henry David Thoreau (1817- 1862), just to name a very few. Presently, […]

Other views: Know how that chicken got to your table?

From DailyWorld | March 26, 2015 Americans just can’t get enough chicken. Since 1965, they’ve eaten more just about every year. Now, eggs are enjoying a revival, too. Not to spoil anyone’s next meal, but there are a few things you might want to know about that food on your plate. Most egg-laying hens spend their lives crammed in spaces so tiny they cannot turn around or spread their wings. While chickens raised for food […]

Vegan blogger Dreena Burton says her recipes will make you go meat-free | Daily Mail Online

By Maybelle Morgan for MailOnline | 27 March 2015 Most meat-eaters would physically cringe at the phrase ‘plant-based’ diet, but one woman has made it her aim to educate the world about the benefits of going vegan. Cookbook author Dreena Burton, 44, stopped eating meat, fish and animal products 20 years and during that time, has written five best-selling cookbooks. The Vancouver-based author’s most recent, Plant-Powered Families, includes more than 100 whole-food, vegan recipes to […]

A journey for curd – The Hindu

By Srinivasa Ramanujam | March 27, 2015 What is crucial for a quintessential Tamilian who happens to be a vegetarian? It has to be curd. Curd is supremely underrated and most people elsewhere in India use it to end a meal. But ask most Tamilians and they’ll tell you that it could well be the meal by itself, provided you have a handful of rice. This is what I was banking on when I headed […]

On-again relationship with plant-eating feels good after dabbling with meat – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

BY AVERY YALE KAMILA | March 25, 2015 When Kara Owens was a child, her father worked as a butcher. Needless to say, her attempts to go vegetarian weren’t successful. She did manage a few months of vegetarianism when she was 15 and a couple weeks here and there afterward. But mostly she ate what everyone else ate. “We were a meat- and chicken-heavy family,” said Owens, who lives in Scarborough. In fact, her dad […]

A perpetual quest for the perfect veggie burger | The Japan Times

By Ananda Jacobs, Published March 24 2015 The “Big Three” in veggie burger making are tofu, beans and mushrooms. Japan prides itself on tofu — and by extension beans — and mushroom varieties are a mainstay of the nation’s cuisine. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Japan cooks up a variety of veggie burgers. A quick internet search can reveal a fair number of options in Tokyo. DevaDeva Cafe in […]

Ottawa yogis and childhood chums open vegetarian restaurant | Ottawa Citizen

By Karen Turner, Ottawa Citizen, Posted March 22 2015 Call it pure luck or pure determination, but Amber Stratton and Jen Dalgleish have come a long way from selling handmade clay jewelry to their Grade 6 classmates in Manotick. Fast-forward 23 years, the longtime best friends now own two Pure Yoga Ottawa studios (270 Richmond Rd. and 359 Bank St.) and recently opened Pure Kitchen (formerly Milagro Grill at 357 Richmond Rd.), a vegetarian restaurant and juice bar in Westboro. “It […]

Matt Ball: Changing the world by example, advocacy

By Justin Sayers, Special to the Arizona Daily Star, Posted March 21st 2015 As someone who’s been a vegan for nearly 25 years and is well involved in the local animals rights community, Peggy Raisglid admits she was nervous when prominent activist Matt Ball showed up at her vegetarian eatery. “He was kind of like a hero long before I ever met him,” said Raisglid, who owns the Lovin’ Spoonfuls Restaurant, 2990 N. Campbell Ave. […]

This is why I love being vegetarian |

By Danielle Calder, Posted 22nd March 2015 I’m a vegetarian for ethical reasons, although I plan on becoming a vegan in the near future. I became a vegetarian at 15, initially because I wanted to be unique: none of my friends were vegetarian, and I had heard that you lost weight once you went veggie. Well, I lost some weight, but once I discovered pasta I put it right back on! As I got older, I […]

Navratri: Hotels revamp menu with ‘fast’ food for the nine-day Navratri festival | Latest News & Gossip on Popular Trends at

By Indo-Asian News Service, March 20 2015 New Delhi, March 20 : Get set for gastronomical adventures galore with the onset of Navratri from Saturday. Various restaurants across Delhi-NCR are ready with revamped menus to cater to the appetite of food patrons during the the nine-day Navratri festival which starts this Saturday. Hotels and restaurants have redesigned menus to cater to people who would be following a strict food regimen, which includes avoiding onion, garlic, rice, wheat, […]

Meet the Butcher—and Former Vegetarian—Who Now Specializes in Humane Slaughter | TakePart

By Sarah McColl, published March 18 2015 If you want a burger made from what the USDA considers humanely slaughtered beef, you don’t have to look far. Any Big Mac from McDonald’s will do. Surprised? Like the vague catch-all term “natural,” humane slaughter evokes more idyllic, blue-sky principles than it usually deserves. Although its enforcement has historically been hit or miss, the Humane Slaughter Act has been on the books since 1958 to prevent the […]

New vegans explain their motivations and how easy or hard it is to eat differently – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

By Avery Yale Kamila, Posted March 18 2015 Sam Moore never knew any vegans until he went vegan himself two years ago. “Veganism is a very new idea to a lot of people, including me,” said Moore, 35. The Maine native, who now lives in North Conway, New Hampshire, took the vegan plunge after watching YouTube videos of cooks preparing raw food. “I tried to do some of the things they were doing, but it […]

“Vegetarian” Cocoa Puffs: Boston School Cafs on the Front Lines of the Food Wars – NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly

By Susan Raab, Posted 18 March 2015 School lunch is big business, and the meals provided by school cafeterias are both critical for some students and challenging to fund for school districts that supply them. Debates have raged nationally for decades about which foods to serve, whether to supply hot meals as well as cold, and how to entice kids to make better food choices in the lunch line. First Lady Michelle Obama has made […]

Vegetarianism a growing trend: 7 kinds of vegetarians you may encounter at a restaurant – The Economic Times

By Anoothi Vishal, Posted 15 March 2015 You don’t have to brandish French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu’s Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste to know that tastes in food are not just indicators of class but are, in fact, one of the ways in which social positioning is specifically contrived. We have enough examples of that all around us. A filet mignon may have been utterly fashionable till yesterday. But today, not only […]

Let your children make their own eating choices – Parentdish UK

By Clare Mackintosh, posted March 2015 Should parents dictate their children are vegetarians when they are too young to make their own choice? As I looked through the responses to a party invitation recently, I was surprised to see a scribbled note from one of the parents, informing me their daughter was a vegetarian. A vegetarian? At five years old? How ridiculous. You can’t tell me a five-year-old can make informed decisions about the ethics […]

Crunch Numbers, Not Dead Animals, and See How Many Lives You Can Save | TakePart

By Josh Scherer, posted March 10, 2015 Assistant Editor Josh Scherer has written for Epicurious, Thrillist, and Los Angeles magazine. He is constantly covered in corn chip crumbs. Wearable tech products like the Fitbit and Nike Fuel Band—and the new Apple watch—allow casual joggers and hardcore crossfitters alike to track every metric from their workout. Fitness aficionados can now calculate their average heart rate, total power output, and calories burned over a long period of […]

Empowerment of a vegetarian lifestyle — Sonoma State Star – The university’s student-run newspaper

By Olivia Johnson, Staff Writer – posted March 10, 2015 There are two opinions when it comes to eating meat, either you love it or you hate it. The difference between the two, is one overthinks where the meat comes from while the other enjoys the taste. I have been a vegetarian for the past eight months and I couldn’t be happier. Although I grew up in a family of meat lovers, now that I […]

Review: Little Beet Table turns healthy eating into chore – NY Daily News

By Michael Kaminer, March 10th, 2015 Dining with a dieter can be a downer. And judging from Little Beet Table, having them cook for you is even worse. “Top Chef Masters” veteran Franklin Becker “transformed” his cooking after a diabetes diagnosis, his bio says. Having found religion, he launched the gluten-free Midtown fast-food spot called Little Beet. It became such a hit that he followed it with Little Beet Table — a more formal spin […]

You will eat more than 7,000 animals in your lifetime – that’s a lot of steak – Mirror Online

By Stian Alexander, Posted 8 March 2015 The Vegetarian Calculator page on Facebook says humans eat 11 cows, 27 pigs and an amazing 2,400 chickens. Human carnivores devour more than 7,000 animals in their life – including 11 cows, 27 pigs and 2,400 chickens. A meat eater who lives to 80 will also average 4,500 fish, 80 turkeys and 30 sheep, according to the Vegetarian Calculator page on Facebook. It says that if rabbits, ducks, […]

The world’s first vegan parmo comes to Stockton (From The Northern Echo)

by Chris Webber, Reporter (Stockton/Hartlepool) The Teesside dish of chicken breast in a bechamel cheese sauce might be considered a tough call to make for people who won’t eat meat or cheese. But cooks at the newly opened Labrynth Holistic Community Cafe on Skinner Street, which has opened as a not-for-profit organisation after members of the public raised £900 set it up, have achieved it. Deb Knibbs, one of the owners of the cafe and […]

Vegetarian Protein Sufficient For Appetite Control and Weight Medical Research Interviews and News Interview with: Dr. Alex Johnstone PhD, Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, Aberdeen  Medical Research: What is the background for this study? Response: Previous work has indicated that high-protein (30% of diet as protein) meat-based weight loss diets are highly satiating, and reduce the free food intake over a four-week period (1,2). There is limited data on assessing the effect of different types of protein on appetite in weight loss studies (3). Previously, a mixed meat source of […]

Vegetarian, meat protein provide similar appetite control, weight loss

Neacsu M, et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2014;doi:10.3945/ajcn.113.077503., March 3, 2015 A vegetarian-based high-protein eating plan appears to offer the same appetite control and weight loss as a meat-based plan with the same amount of protein, according to research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In a study of adult men with obesity, gut hormone profile was similar between the two regimens, suggesting both high-protein weight-loss (HPWL) diets could be equally effective as […]

Luxemburger Wort – Weekday vegetarian – an act of love!

Published on Sunday, 1 March, 2015 at 12:54 For some reason we like to put labels on others and on ourselves. Especially when it comes to food and diets. You are either a meat eater, or vegetarian. Maybe even vegan. You might have heard of the petition 478 here in Luxembourg calling on the government to publicly support and promote vegetarian and vegan nutrition. It’s a great initiative, and I hope it is successful. Especially […]

Fredericksburg woman’s soup business grows organically – Local Business

BY LINDLEY ESTES/THE FREE LANCE-STAR, Posted on Mar 1, 2015 Kelly Pawlik only uses organic, locally grown ingredients in her soups, so it’s fitting that her business City Soup grew in the same way. In November Pawlik, 44, began the business out of the kitchen of her Willis Street home in Fredericksburg as a way to make extra cash, but word bubbled through the community. Likes on the business’ Facebook page, its only means of marketing, […]

Telling your kids they just ate Babe: Observations from a meat-phobic mom

By Heather Hale, Feb 27th 2015 My parents started calling me a “bleeding heart” before I can remember. I love animals. I love insects. I love the green grass that grows between my feet. I’m also kind of a sissy, if you missed that. Forever, I fought my family on eating meat, not that it did me any good. I’m a Montana girl, born and raised, and we eat meat around here – dang good […]

Why this Lower Parel restaurant will thrill vegetarians – Life and style

I’ve added this article because of the amazing images. Click on the link below for inspirational ideas on how to serve your Vegetarian meals. Very imaginative. By Krutika Behrawala |Posted 25-Feb-2015 With its versatile Mediterranean fusion menu and traditional fare served with a twist, Lower Parel’s Ithaka is a vegetarian’s delight We walked into Lower Parel’s newly-opened eatery, Ithaka: Veg Lebanese Kitchen the sister concern of Riso that’s a floor below with a sense of […]

Ecocentric | Happy Chinese Lunar New Year – Share a Vegetarian Hotpot!

By Weiling Fu | 02.18.2015 | Editor’s note: This post comes from Weiling Fu, our lead web designer at GRACE. Weiling is originally from Taiwan and now lives in Brooklyn, where she hosts a great annual New Year’s party. This year, however, she’s in Taiwan, celebrating with her family, so we are especially glad to share her post and recipes. Gong Xi Fa Zai! This zodiac year will be the year of Goat. The Year of the […]

Why I’m going vegetarian after seeing shocking Animal Aid film of UK abbatoir cruelty

19 February 2015 by Kate Morris  I’m going vegetarian after eating meat for 50 years, since seeing shocking film of UK abbatoir cruelty One in eight Brits are now vegetarian. Kate Morris explains why, after eating meat all her life, the recent undercover footage of animal cruelty has made her become one too Going veggie: Kate is going to be eating a lot more of these I have always had a strong empathy with animals. I once […]

Vegetarian Kitchen: Long-term vegetarians say a lot has changed for the better, but that’s only half the story – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

VEGETARIAN KITCHEN Posted February 18  BY AVERY YALE KAMILA EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third in a seven-part series on what it’s like to be a vegetarian in Maine today. At a time when most of her peers are retired and some are finding themselves occupying hospital beds, Carole Hunne- well, 80, works four nights a week as an intensive care nurse. She fills the rest of her time volunteering for children’s causes and animal shelters. […]

Montreal Restaurant Serves A Classic Poutine Even Vegetarians Can Eat | MTL Blog

By Max Joseph · February 16, 2015 · Last week, I wrote on how Montreal’s adherence to chicken gravy is keeping it from becoming the undisputed poutine capital of the world it deserves to (and easily can) be. While I stand by my earlier argument, there is one restaurant in Montreal that proves the viability of a classic poutine without beef (or even meat of any kind): Comptoir 21. Although the restaurant advertises themselves primarily as […]

Second Public School in the U.S. Goes Vegetarian | Ecorazzi

BY NATALIA LIMA FEBRUARY 12, 2015 Following the footsteps of a public elementary school in Flushing, Queens, another public school in New York City has decided to go vegetarian. The Peck Slip School in lower Manhattan announced Monday that it will only be serving students plant-based meals due to its benefits not only for the kids but the planet as well, becoming the second non-charter public school in the U.S. to do so. “We decided […]

Plant-based menu options sprouting up everywhere | Windsor Star

By Beatrice Fantoni, Feb 11, 2015 – 5:38 PM EST – Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015 – 9:11 PM EST The list of entrees on the latest menu at Neros Steakhouse reads something like this: herb roasted double cut Alberta lamb chops, organic bison tenderloin, lentil cake spiced with cumin and caramelized onion. You read that right. Right next to steaming hunks of meat is a full-out vegetarian entrée made of lentils. And it’s tasty, too. […]

This Meat-Eaters vs. Vegetarians/Vegans Shit Needs to Stop

I hope you enjoy reading this article which has been written by a meat-eater who is “fed up” with the politicising of food choices. I happen to agree with his thoughts on this topic. Everyone is entitled to their opinions – but there is no need to force those opinions onto any one else.  Meat-eaters and vegans are getting into an angry spat involving a New York restaurant, and oh my God can they both […]

Derek Rielly: Becoming a vegetarian… again

He was a bigger than average fish, some kind of striped tropical creature cooped up in an aquarium in the Spanish city of San Sebastian. A pretty thing that caught the eye. And as I roamed the dark halls he followed. I’d stop. He’d stop. I’d stare. He’d…well sure, fish don’t blink. But you get the picture. I’m not one for epiphanies, generally, but as I looked at that damn fish I said aloud, “I […]

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