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Jharkhand govt to join go-vegetarian campaign for animal rights

By Sanjoy Dey, Hindustan Times, Ranchi | October 4, 2015 A non-government organisation and the state animal husbandry department will launch a campaign in Jharkhand on Sunday to protect animal rights and appeal people to turn vegetarian. Helping Organisation for People, Environment (HOPE) & Animal Trust in association with the department will organise a rally as part of the World Animal Day (WAD), which will be observed for the first time in Jharkhand and Bihar. […]

Sweet Dream bagels and Good Food and Wine Show – The West Australian

By Berlinda Conti | July 2, 2015 It’s been a whirlwind year for David Whorrall and his dream team since setting up his bagel business, Sweet Dream Foods, last year. His Montreal-style bagels are now sold at more than a dozen community markets around Perth. The range has expanded to include on-trend flavours and some Perth cafes have adopted them as a regular breakfast staple. Mr Whorrall, Canadian by birth and a devout vegetarian, has […]

Time to go vegetarian: Smugglers caught with 40-year-old meat | Grist

By Grist staff | June 25, 2015 Hold on to your barf bags, folks: China’s latest disgusting food scandal gives a whole new meaning to the term “dry-aged beef.” NPR has the story: China’s customs agents have seized thousands of tons of frozen chicken wings, beef and pork that were smuggled by gangs. Weighing more than 100,000 tons, the meat has an estimated value of more than $480 million — but it also poses serious […]

Italian court tells veggie mum: feed your son meat – The Local

From | May 28, 2015 An Italian court has ordered a vegetarian mother to cook meat for her son at least once a week after the boy’s father complained that his son wasn’t being given a proper diet. The mother in Bergamo, northern Italy, started her son on a macrobiotic diet, which is typically a vegetarian diet consisting of whole grains, cereals and vegetables, in 2006. But the father, who is divorced from the mother, […]

Indian mother puts a lonely hearts ad in the paper for her gay son | Daily Mail Online

By Jenny Stanton for MailOnLine | May 27, 2015 ‘Seeking a well-placed, animal-loving, vegetarian groom for my son’: Mum puts a lonely hearts ad in the paper for her gay son in India… and gets flooded with 100 responses from men all over the world Padma Iyer placed an advert in a newspaper seeking a groom for her son It was India’s first lonely hearts advert for a match for a same-sex marriage Her son […]

Vegetarian restaurant Transformer in Fitzroy is Vegie Bar’s grown-up sibling with real style | Best of Melbourne | Melbourne Lifestyle | | Herald Sun

By Dan Stock, Herald Sun | May 19, 2015 THE Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations tells us to do it. So, too, world cancer research bodies. The Intercontinental Panel on Climate Change highlights it as a major contributing factor and don’t even think of getting the likes of Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth started. But the message is starting to sink in. Eating less meat is good for us, and good […]

IKEA’s new vegetarian meatballs ‘will save the planet’, says furniture firm | Daily Mail Online

By Rupert Steiner in Malmo, Sweden | April 2, 2015   Our new vegetarian meatballs will save the planet, says IKEA: Flat-pack furniture firm says meat-free makeover will cut carbon emissions by half IKEA hopes to save the planet with chickpea and kale ‘veggie balls’ The ‘non-meat meatball’ also contains carrots, peppers and peas  Swedish flat-pack firm sells one billion regular meatballs every year It changed the world with its flat-pack furniture and now Ikea […]

Commentary: Going vegetarian, buying Fair Trade are starts – Daily Pilot

By Katie Bick, March 2, 2015 I was every father’s worst nightmare. My dad had sent his little girl to college, and I’d come back a vegetarian. He didn’t know what to do with me during our Thanksgiving dinner. Believing firmly that the human brain evolved from red meat consumption, he could not understand why I would sacrifice my neural functioning and our Thanksgiving turkey just because I’d gone off to what he likes to call […]

Avoid cruelty, go vegetarian | The Border Mail

March 3, 2015, midnight “IF slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Paul McCartney’s comment hits close to home this week. Wangaratta’s Gathercole’s abattoir on Greta Road has been investigated by the meat industry regulator PrimeSafe and found to have breached essential animal welfare standards. Footage posted online in January revealed an employee of Gathercole’s abattoir cut the throats of lambs while they appeared to be conscious and moving. The same employee was also […]

Vanilla makes vegetarianism the new Black

By Liz O’Keefe, 27th February 2015 Vanilla Black co-owner and head chef, Andrew Dargue, speaks exclusively to Produce Business UK about heading up the vegetarian revolution and making fruit and veg the stars of the show Tucked away in the winding streets of London’s Chancery Lane is a high-end, fine-dining Michelin-recommended restaurant called Vanilla Black, which just happens to be vegetarian. Andrew Dargue and his co-owner and partner Donna Conroy stand out in many ways. […]

Record sales for vegetarian food company Quorn |

Meat-free producer Quorn Foods said it racked up record sales last month as consumers ditched fad diets in favour of healthy long-term options. The England-based firm, which employs 650, said sales lifted 8% to £14.6m in January as it sold more of its meat free sausages, mince and chicken style fillets. It said sales in the UK rose 6% to £10.9m in January, adding that revenues jumped 64% last month in the United States. The […]

Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank Adds A Kinder Option For People In Need

Apparently $100 buys a lot of vegetarian food. “We’ve been amazed when we go shopping and we’re buying bags of rice and lentils, how much stuff we have in our cart for $100,” says Matthew Noble, director of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank (TVFB), tells The Huffington Post Canada. The Toronto-based animal activist, along with other volunteers, just started the new program, motivated by what he sees as the lack of options for vegans and […]

Inspired by Jane Goodall, Vincent Tan says he is going vegetarian | Malaysia | Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 — There was no denying that the 2,000-strong audience at Dr Jane Goodall’s talk this morning were inspired by her story of her life and work. But perhaps nobody was more inspired than Tan Sri Vincent Tan, the founder of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, who declared he was thinking of becoming a vegetarian because of her. Earlier in her talk, she had spoken about the impact on the environment from something as […]

Meals on Wheels adds vegetarian options to menu

Meals on Wheels People will launch a daily vegetarian meal option for homebound clients beginning Monday, Jan. 19. Vegetarian meals have been available at the organization’s 34 neighborhood dining centers for several years, but not in the packaged meals delivered each day to senior citizens and others. “We are receiving more requests for a vegetable-based diet from our homebound clients,” said Suzanne Washington, Meals on Wheels People executive director. “We deliver nearly 3,000 meals to […]

Cruelty-free luxury is not an oxymoron

Luxe bags that skip the leather and vegetarian getaways attract high-end consumers. From haute couture to high-end vacation packages, today’s vegetarian and vegan consumers aren’t willing to compromise quality in their quest for a kinder lifestyle. At Gunas New York, an upscale vegan accessories boutique, the name of the game is “High Fashion, Zero Cruelty.” Owner Sugandh Agrawal, a vegetarian since childhood, founded the upscale vegan accessories boutique in 2009. After earning her degree in […]

Three Vegetarian Ramen Options That Will Bowl You Over | Westword

People swoon over tonkotsu ramen, with pork bones — including heads and trotters — boiled for twelve or more hours until the broth turns opaque. Vegetarian versions don’t have quite the same heady effect, but some chefs are trying to change that. In my current review of Tokio , I write about what chef-owner Miki Hashimoto calls “ramen air,” with noodles suspended in a thick, orange base fashioned from sweet potatoes, pumpkin, soy milk and miso. […]

Japanese vegetarians campaign for Tokyo’s 50,000 restaurants to offer meat free dishes – News – Food and Drink – The Independent

In a bright, modern restaurant in west Tokyo, a quiet revolution is being plotted. About 30 vegetarians have met to discuss how they can convince the restaurants of Japan’s capital city to start serving vegetarian food. Tokyo may be the gastronomic capital of the world – with more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city – but it has lagged behind in catering for those who don’t eat meat. But with Japan hosting the Olympics in […]

Burger King bigwig goes for veggie startup

Sweet Earth Natural Foods touts its natural ingredients, like nourishing grains, plant-based proteins and vegetables. From the looks of its products, which include seitan, veggie burritos, and quinoa and lentil burgers, it would be hard to guess that its founder was once a board chairman of Burger King  and a top executive at PepsiCo . That’s exactly what founder Brian Swette was, until he was introduced to the movement in sustainable foods. “I was kind of […]

6 Year Study Shows that People Live Longer with a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet • The Raw Food World News

(TRFW News) Vegan and vegetarian diets are the recommended dietary choices for longevity and heart health. A low-fat whole foods, plant-based diet is now enthusiastically suggested for those managing or trying to prevent diabetes. (1,2) Recent research has found that most any form of a vegetarian diet, vegan or not, lowers adult mortality.  The key for longer life is to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and low amounts of animal products. (3) What […]

Spain gets taste for greens as vegans, vegetarians and vegivores flourish | Life and style | The Guardian

The Smiths’ Meat Is Murder  might seem the perfect soundtrack for a vegan festival, but it’s not hard to see why the DJ replaces it halfway through with something more upbeat. Morrissey’s accusatory vocals don’t fit the ambience of a sunny day on Spain’s laidback east coast. Although we’re at an old cigarette factory in a slightly rundown suburb of Alicante, the atmosphere is more like a village fete than a radical meeting. In front […]

MuLondon Skincare Products Approved by The Vegetarian Society –

London, United Kingdom, September 01, 2014 –(– MuLondon’s award-winning range of moisturisers and cleansers has earned the honour of displaying The Vegetarian Society seedling symbol. This confirms that MuLondon products are free from animal fats or gelatine, contain no GMOs and are cruelty-free. Su Taylor, Press Officer at the Vegetarian Society, said: “Well done to MuLondon Natural Organic Skincare for realising how important it is for customers to have clear vegetarian labelling, and having Vegetarian […]

Can Vegetarians Go Paleo?

Bacon, steak and more bacon is often associated with the much-hyped Paleo Diet , which is undoubtedly having a moment. Can vegetarians take part in a diet that puts so much emphasis on meat? It is possible. Our Paleolithic ancestors were very much about the meat, yes, but vegetables, nuts and seeds were also part of their whatever-we-can-get-our-hands-on meal plan. The basic premise of this stone-age eating is to eat like hunter-gatherers did 10,000 years ago. […]

Vegetarian butcher Suzy Spoon perfects recipe for yummy meatless meals

I suppose the term ‘butcher’ is rather a misnomer here, if you think of the word in the usual sense, but according to Google it actually has two meanings: (1) a person whose trade is cutting up and selling meat in a shop and (2) a person selling refreshments, newspapers, etc on a train or in a theatre (North American, informal). Wow, I did not know that. So I suppose Suzy Spoon can call her […]

When in India, MNCs serve as Indians do

MNCs in this segment innovate swiftly on fare, on learning their business models which work elsewhere won’t do here Multinational companies, by and large, have similar products across markets. However, international fast-food chains have had to change this business model completely, to adapt to Indian preferences.For instance, Pizza Hut, known globally for its pizzas, is counting on rice and vegetarian dishes to grow revenue in India. Items such as vegetable biryani and rice bowls, introduced in recent months, are expected […]

A healthy fast-food option? New-to-Alabama Juice Bar launches 1st store in Huntsville

A new-to-Alabama small business that calls itself a healthy fast-food option will hold its grand opening on Whitesburg Drive this Thursday. Juice Bar, which married couple John and Vui Hunt launched last spring in Brentwood, Tenn., is now operating a 1,700-square-foot retail store on 4800 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville. The business opened to the public April 7, but will hold a ribbon cutting from 4-6 p.m. Thursday. Managing partner Christy Graves, a native of Nashville […]

Halal row has little to do with animals

A word of warning. The following article written by Catriona Stewart is pretty descriptive so if you are squeamish, perhaps give it a miss. However, if you are concerned about animal welfare, but not yet a vegetarian or vegan, then perhaps you may like to read what all the fuss is about. Read on if you wish to know more.   I’m a vegetarian. I’m the world’s worst vegetarian – I eat fish and I […]

What Did Ancient Egyptians Really Eat?

(ISNS) — Did the ancient Egyptians eat like us? If you’re a vegetarian, tucking in along the Nile thousands of years ago would have felt just like home. In fact, eating lots of meat is a recent phenomenon. In ancient cultures vegetarianism was much more common, except in nomadic populations. Most sedentary populations ate fruit and vegetables. Although previous sources found the ancient Egyptians to be pretty much vegetarians, until this new research it wasn’t […]

Vegan Bakery Cinnaholic Vies for Sweet Deal on “Shark Tank”

BERKELEY, Calif., May 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — With cinnamon roll enthusiasts hungry for innovation, Cinnaholic, an all-vegan bakery franchise, announces its upcoming appearance on “Shark Tank”, airing Friday, May 9 at 9:00 – 10:01 p.m. ET on ABC Television.  During the episode, entrepreneurs Florian and Shannon Radke will share the success of their gourmet cinnamon roll bakery to the Sharks, with the goal of obtaining a deal that allows Cinnaholic to reach individuals across the country.  Read more:  

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