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From, posted 23rd March 2015

Although this week’s recipe was pretty simple, I was so excited that I got to geek out and make something super vegetarian. Something totally up my alley, and something that I feel others would love if they just gave it a try.

I am always on the hunt for new vegetarian recipes. I must say that Pinterest has been a godsend in more ways than one — it helped me plan my wedding, it gives me ideas for really neat and beautiful crafts and gives me great ideas for new recipes for myself, a 10-year vegetarian, and my husband, who pretty much eats meat and nothing else.

For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s a virtual bulletin boards where you “pin” ideas into different categories, in a nutshell. The pins also have links that take you right to the recipe page, the page where you need to buy what’s in the pin, things of that nature. My mom totally jumped on board with Pinterest so she could quit cutting things out of Better Homes and Gardens magazines.

Anyhow, cooking dinner for both my husband and myself is always an experience because I have to cook two completely different meals. Sometimes I’ll put the meat on the side so we can eat the same thing, and once in a blue moon, he’ll eat what I’m eating, but it’s rare. My smashed chickpea, avocado and pesto salad sandwich this week certainly did not appeal to him.

I was a little hesitant myself fixing it. My husband and I are expecting our first child, and while I haven’t really been sick, just looking at certain things has definitely given me some nausea. The night I went to fix this sandwich, the texture was not appealing to me. At all.

But I decided to push through it, because it was something I wanted to try and wanted to share with readers if it was something they might enjoy.

So while gabbing with my best friend, Jessie, who came over to visit and bring me an adorable picture frame that said “I love mommy,” I start making up the spread for the sandwich.

To finish reading this article and read the recipe, click on this link:via Chickpea, avocado and pesto salad sandwich is delightful vegetarian recipe – The Winchester Sun: Features.

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