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Press Release from NZ Vegetarian Society | May 27, 2015

Competition encourages sustainability and healthy choices

Student film competition encourages sustainability, ethics and healthy choices

School years are a time when young people are defining their beliefs, morals and values. It’s a common time for students to begin questioning their lifestyle choices, which can often mean their diet also. For the second year, in time for World Vegetarian Day, the NZ Vegetarian Society is running an exciting short film competition for all NZ school students.

The competition is open to any currently enrolled school students (including homeschooled students) and consists of primary, intermediate and secondary age categories covering animal advocacy, health and nutrition, and protecting the environment.

Sponsored by South Seas Film & Television School, New Way, Linda McCartney’s NZ, Quorn, Hardy’s Northland, The Animal Connection, Plug In Pest Free,, Hell Pizza and ELE Clothing, there are over $5000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

Prizes will be awarded for the best film in each category. A People’s Choice vote will decide the overall winner, and their school will also be awarded $1000 cash.

“Young people are making decisions about what’s important,” says Julia Clements, NZ Vegetarian Society President. “We want to encourage students to be considered and confident in their lifestyle choices.”

The NZ Vegetarian Society has been supporting and encouraging vegetarians and vegans since 1943. Its goal is to create a kinder, healthier world through reducing cruelty to animals, improving human health, protecting the environment and preserving world food resources. The NZ Vegetarian Society also runs the an Approved accreditation programme, which accredits products that meet strict criteria; free from meat and slaughter by-products, animal testing and any form of cross contamination.

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Source: Competition encourages sustainability and healthy choices | Scoop News

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