Extreme Eats: Texas-Sized Dosa | Houstonia

By Megha Tejpal | September 18, 2015

Too big for the plate. Too big for the camera frame. Too big for your appetite? You decide.

MAYBE I HAVE LIVED IN TEXAS so long or maybe my eyes are indeed bigger than my stomach, but I have simply gotten used to the fact that jumbo-sized foods are the new normal. Everything is bigger in Texas right? Right.

But there’s big, and then there’s too big for your plate. And let’s face it, sometimes we crave exactly such an extreme meal.

In the way of these extreme eats, there seems to be an overabundance of carnivorous options—whether it’s over-the-top cheeseburgers or barbecued pork belly—but where are the vegetarian-friendly choices? After all, our vegetarian friends have extreme appetites too…maybe even more so than us non-vegetarians after day-in and day-out of vegetables, potatoes, lentils and quinoa. Being both Indian and having some past experience with the vegetarian lifestyle, I have just the dish for those days when you’re craving extreme eats of the veggie persuasion.

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Source: Extreme Eats: Texas-Sized Dosa | Houstonia

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