Here are some New Year’s Revolutions

Whoever invented New Year’s resolutions didn’t know much about human nature: Everybody’s are similar and nobody keeps them very long, perhaps because the proposals are too ambitious or difficult. Many concern diet, an annual windfall for NutriSystem and BowFlex.

Instead of composing the same high-minded list, consider these practical revolutions, with broadband results.

Eat more comfort food. The name is well-earned. Adjusting meat loaf, mashed potatoes, stew, roast whole chicken, a BLT, chili to heightened nutritional standards isn’t that hard.

Banish the notion that cooking takes time by identifying foods that cook themselves, while you’re doing something else. Make a big pot every Sunday — the aforementioned hearty soup, stew, chili, baked pasta for emergency meals throughout the week. What a lifesaver. What a moneysaver.

Eat a big breakfast. This will set you up for the day, curb Pooh’s “elevenses”. No time? Stop grumbling and look in the right places. Waiting in the fast-food pick-up line takes time. Think outside the Styrofoam clam shell. My favorite breakfast has always been a grilled Swiss cheese, tomato and spinach sandwich on rye or multi-grain bread. Delicious — takes five minutes while coffee is brewing. Second best, same time, an omelet sandwich on a toasted bagel A microwave-baked potato topped with cottage cheese and mild salsa starts the day with zing. Include comfort sweets like baked apples topped with vanilla yogurt, rice pudding with dried cranberries (made on Sunday).

Eat whole fruit instead of so much juice. More fiber, more filling, fewer calories. Try a sliced ripe pear drizzled with honey or maple syrup for breakfast.

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