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By Rupert Steiner in Malmo, Sweden | April 2, 2015


Our new vegetarian meatballs will save the planet, says IKEA: Flat-pack furniture firm says meat-free makeover will cut carbon emissions by half

  • IKEA hopes to save the planet with chickpea and kale ‘veggie balls’
  • The ‘non-meat meatball’ also contains carrots, peppers and peas 
  • Swedish flat-pack firm sells one billion regular meatballs every year

It changed the world with its flat-pack furniture and now Ikea wants to save the planet… with vegetarian meatballs.

The dish loved by millions of British customers is to get a meat-free makeover that it is claimed will cut carbon emissions by half.

The Swedish firm says producing the new version uses far less energy than making the pork and beef variety.


Green scheme: IKEA claims it will ‘save the planet’ with its new vegetarian meatballs as far less energy is needed both to produce and cook them than the pork and beef variety

Its veggie balls will be rolled out this month, created from a secret recipe of chickpeas, peas, carrots, peppers, corn, kale and seasoning.

Ikea is as famous for its meatballs as its cheap self-assembly furniture and UK customers often spend entire days inside its large warehouses eating and shopping.

The company now sells a staggering one billion of its regular meatballs every year.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, IKEA chief executive, Peter Agnefjall, said: ‘We are launching a vegetarian meatball. We see a big opportunity.

The vegetarian meatball will go global in April and have 50pc less carbon dioxide than a normal meatball. It’s healthier and better for the planet.’

The firm has spent two years developing the veggieball, the first innovation to its meatball since it started selling food to encourage shoppers to stay inside its stores back in 1959.

The vegetable-based snack is more environmentally friendly than the meat version, because cows and pigs are responsible for methane emissions.

It also takes less energy to cook a veggieball.

A spokesman said: ‘At IKEA we want to offer healthy food choices that are delicious, sustainable and affordable for the many, based on our Swedish identity.

‘We are currently developing our food range to provide options that meet the different preferences of our customers.

‘One of the exciting new products is a veggieball which will be launched in our stores from April onwards.

‘The veggie ball does not have any animal content in the ingredients. We will share more information about our new veggieballs nearer the time of the launch.’

Meatballs are one of Sweden’s national dishes and as iconic as Volvo cars or the pop group Abba.

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