Jane’s fresh take on vegetarian food

If anyone knows that the answer lies in the soil, it’s Jane Baxter – for many years the inspiring head chef at Riverford Farm’s Field Kitchen.

It was her transforming way with common or garden veg that caught the attention of Henry Dimbleby who says that he had “never before eaten vegetables that felt so much like stars of the show”.

The two became friends and have now worked together to produce the excellent Leon: Fast Vegetarian, named after the restaurants Henry set up with business partner John Vincent in 2004.

Vegetables really are the star of the show here… from bright and colourful salads, main courses bursting with flavour, pies and bakes, pickles and chutneys to inspiration on feeding children.

Even my meat-eating husband was drooling over the hearty stews and bold bakes.

Jane lives in South Devon and the Dimbleby family have long-standing connections with the area. Pictures for the book were shot on location at The Boathouse in Dittisham, including the great picture on the facing page of Jane’s 11-year-old son, David.

Jane began her career at the Carved Angel under Joyce Molyneux before moving to the River Cafe. After a stint travelling and cooking around the world, in 2005 she set up the Riverford Field Kitchen. She is co-author of the Riverford Farm Cookbook and Recipes for Everyday and Sunday.

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