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By Taniya Sahni | August 22nd, 2015

Can there be sushi with no fish in it? An apt answer to this question will be a tour across restaurants in Delhi that are serving this Japanese delicacy of vinegared rice, vegetables, and sometimes even fruits. And they have, to the delight of many vegetarians, omitted fish altogether in the preparation of sushi.

“Twenty per cent of the diners that we serve at our restaurant Pan Asian opt for vegetarian sushi. Kiosks and takeaways serving sushi are booming in Delhi,” says Vaibhav Bhargava, Executive Sous Chef at WelcomHotel Sheraton in Saket. Chefs in India are exploring newer options to cater to the vegetarian customers by replacing the fish in sushi. “For the vegetarians, we have the cucumber roll, the asparagus tempura roll and the Takuwan roll which is made using pickled radish,” says Bhargava, adding, “We use spicy mayonnaise so that it doesn’t taste bland to first-time sushi eaters. We do our best to make this Japanese delicacy palatable to them. The idea is to familiarise people with sushi.”

There seem to be persistent efforts from the restaurateurs and chefs to go beyond the basic sushi rolls. “We, at Pan Asian, do authentic and contemporary sushi. We do a Sarada roll with Japanese pickled vegetables. The vegetarian California roll is a hit with diners and a Plum Maki is relished by many. We also have gluten-free rolls in which we wrap the ingredients in rice paper and we don’t use soy in that,” says Bhargava.

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Source: Leaving Nemo Out of Sushi – The New Indian Express

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