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From The Jakarta Post, Jakarta |May 25, 2015

A live harp and violin performance by Lisa Gracia and Jonny Hutagalung accompanied 20 people who were enjoying vegetarian meals at the second newly opened vegan gourmet restaurant, Burgreens, on the rooftop balcony of the Organik Klub organic grocery store in Tebet, South Jakarta.

Hanging out in the restaurant means giving a treat to your eyes, too, as the expansion unit on the balcony is overlooking the city-owned 1,800-square-meter Honda Park. The first branch of Burgreens was established in a green space in Rempoa, South Jakarta, by a young couple, Helga Angelina, 24, and her boyfriend, Max Mandias, 26, in 2013.

Helga said the outlet had become a gathering place for vegetarians, vegans and all who were concerned with health and wellness.

“People are aware of our presence through word of mouth, Instagram and communities they were in, such as self-healing, yoga and nature lovers’ clubs,” she said.

The operation of the restaurant has made the three-story building a complete one-stop place for healthy food enthusiasts. Burgreens specializes in vegetarian burgers and its signature ‘Turmeric Twisted’ drink, while the Organik Klub sells organic food ranging from vegetables to fruit, meat, spices and oil, as well as kitchen appliances.

Eric, a 45-year-old American, said he was happy to find the hub because there were few restaurants for vegans like him in the capital. “I can find a lot of vegan restaurants in Bali, but not in Jakarta,” he said, adding that he knew the place from a friend in a vegan outlet, Slam Dunk Sandwich, in South Jakarta’s Santa Market. – See more at:

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Source: Living a healthy lifestyle in polluted Jakarta | The Jakarta Post

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