Luxemburger Wort – Weekday vegetarian – an act of love!

Published on Sunday, 1 March, 2015 at 12:54

For some reason we like to put labels on others and on ourselves. Especially when it comes to food and diets. You are either a meat eater, or vegetarian. Maybe even vegan.

You might have heard of the petition 478 here in Luxembourg calling on the government to publicly support and promote vegetarian and vegan nutrition.

It’s a great initiative, and I hope it is successful. Especially thinking of how Luxembourg now is labeled one of the top meat consumers of the world.

For all of us meat lovers out there though, as much as we accept everybody else’s choices, becoming a vegetarian is such a big commitment. Right?


I’m sure most of you are aware of the environmental issue of eating meat. Meat farms are one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases and in developed countries, they are the biggest source of water pollution.

Meat production is a bigger environmental problem than all transport worldwide combined. Cars, trucks, airplanes, ships – you name it. And here we are, feeling bad about booking that flight ticket to Thailand.

Throw in the cruelty factor of all the factory farmed animals produced only for our pleasure and the waste of lives counting all the animals killed and dumped right after birth because they have the wrong sex.

And guys – we are talking males here, especially baby chicks and baby goats.

Every now and then you find yourself watching a secretly filmed clip, showing the awful conditions under which these animals are raised and maybe you swear to never buy meat again.

This lasts for a day or two and then you are probably back to bacon and coque au vin. I hear you. And I understand! Becoming a vegetarian is such a big step.

And here we are with the labels again. You either eat meat – or you don’t.

To finish reading this article, and access the recipe, click on this link: via Luxemburger Wort – Weekday vegetarian – an act of love!.

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