Martha Rose Shulman offers tips on vegetarian cooking

If you like Martha Rose’s recipes, here’s an article written by Lee Svitak Dean, of the Star Tribune which you may find interesting. Click on the link below for the full article.  With all these vegetarian/vegan recipe books that are being published, it seems that more and more people are recognising the health-benefits of going vegetarian or vegan; and animal welfare is often the driving force behind this movement.


Martha Rose Shulman wants to empower us to cook. The prolific cookbook writer has taken a novel approach with her latest, “The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking,” in order to do that. In this she serves as culinary instructor as she guides us through the master recipe of a dozen dishes — soups, pasta, grains, beans and more — then offers some fundamental mealtime preparation tips, which she call “building blocks” (how to make vegetable combos and tomato sauce, for example). In addition, she offers variations to build your cooking repertoire (a master recipe for Lasagna With Vegetables and Herbed Bechamel leads to Asparagus and Herb Lasagna as its variation).

Though most of her 27 books have been about vegetarian cooking, Shulman does not think of herself as following a strict regimen. She appreciates all food, she says, and notes that you don’t have to be a vegetarian to be a good vegetarian cook. Shulman is co-author of “The Art of French Pastry,” with Jacquy Pfeiffer, which won a James Beard award earlier this month, and writes the “Recipes for Health” column for the New York Times.

Now living in Los Angeles, Shulman has family roots in Minnesota, with a parent from each of the Twin Cities and a brother still here. Her late father, writer/humorist Max Shulman, wrote the short stories and screenplay for the TV series “Dobie Gillis.”

Martha Rose Shulman will be in town for a book signing and class on Saturday at Cooks of Crocus Hill in Edina.

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