Meet Babiya, The Vegetarian Crocodile Who Guards A Temple In Kerala!

By Neha Borkar | September 20, 2015

India is all about amazing stories! Apart from historical monuments which makes a place interesting, there are many other miraculous stories which makes India a truly incredible country. Once such story is of Babiya, a crocodile who guards the famous Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kerala.

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Legend has it that, Babiya is a local guardian of the temple. Babiya only eats the temple prasad which is made of rice and jaggery and does not harm anyone, including the fish in the lake. The crocodile is believed to be vegetarian and is guarding the temple for more than 60 years! A trustee of the temple has said that Babiya is a total vegetarian and is fed daily after the noon worship conducted at the temple, it is given the prasads offered by the devotees and they feed her like an elephant by putting the prasad in its mouth.

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