National Vegetarian Week: 7 vegetarian recipes for a spicy Mexican feast

My mouth is watering just posting this article. I totally agree with the opening sentence in this article. 

Vegetarian food does not have to be bland and dull.

Mexican restaurant chain Las Iguanas has restaurants around the country, including Liverpool, and they pride themselves on their tasty vegetarian food.

Lucy Harwood, Head of Brand and resident vegetarian at Las Iguanas, says: “You wouldn’t expect the restaurant industry to be particularly welcoming of a veggie in their midst, but fortunately when I joined Las Iguanas many years ago the team saw it as an opportunity to tap in to some insider knowledge.

“Over the past few years we have worked really hard to develop more and more tasty veggie and vegan dishes.”

So try these tasty veggie dishes as National Vegetarian Week begins on May 19 from the classic champinones with thick-sliced mushrooms in a creamy smoked chilli sauce, to the sultry, earthy Brazilian Beets cocktail which combines cachaça with lemon, beetroot and spices.

Check out the site here for some wonderful recipes:

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