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By Beatrice Fantoni, Feb 11, 2015 – 5:38 PM EST – Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015 – 9:11 PM EST

The list of entrees on the latest menu at Neros Steakhouse reads something like this: herb roasted double cut Alberta lamb chops, organic bison tenderloin, lentil cake spiced with cumin and caramelized onion.

You read that right. Right next to steaming hunks of meat is a full-out vegetarian entrée made of lentils. And it’s tasty, too.

Is there a tree-hugging hippy in the kitchen at Neros? Not quite.

As we grow more health conscious, more environmentally conscious and more ethically conscious, the words “plant-based diet” are entering common food parlance at local restaurants and grocery stores … and there are more options than just salad for dinner.

“We’re getting a lot more requests for vegan and vegetarian,” said Filip Rocca, the owner of Mezzo on Erie Street.

By the sounds of it, serving up vegetarian and even vegan food makes business sense.

After hosting a sold-out vegan night last autumn, he said, they decided to offer vegan-friendly courses on their Winter Bites menu in January – think dishes like pasta e fagioli made with red kidney beans and fresh tomato or a veggie sandwich made with rapini, marinated roasted red peppers and eggplant.

Even non-vegans were ordering the vegan dessert! Rocca said the maple pumpkin pie with coconut whipped cream and pecans was such a hit it might make it onto the menu permanently.

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