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Sujit Mehta and Sharmila Shah are more than just consultants. The co-founders of restaurant and catering consultancy, WeServe, along with their team, have given Ahmedabad a few distinctively different and interesting restaurants.

At the recently opened restaurant called 70 Degrees East in the western suburbs of Ahmedabad, Mehta and Shah were working out some fusion and creative dishes that would make the new restaurant different from others. “I like playing with words and the name ‘Skewers and Sauces’ sounds like a good header for the menu. We have decided to create bite-size starters and pasta rolls that could be picked up using barbecue skewers, and the guest could dip them in their choice of sauce. After trying various bowls and glasses to serve the sauce, we chose a cocktail glass with its stem and inverted cone-shaped bowl which can carry a plenty of sauce. The presentation is so dramatic that a person seeing a diner on the next table having a Baby Cannelloni, picking up cylindrical rolls of spinach and cheese-filled pasta with a skewer and then dipping it in a pinkish brown sauce that looks like a martini, always asks the waiter for details of the dish and orders it the next time. This kind of innovative plating and dramatic presentation have become a USP of our consultancy firm that manages a number of successful vegetarian restaurants in Ahmedabad,” says Mehta.

Their firm was formed in 2006 when Mehta and Shah, colleagues in a catering company then, felt that there was a need for consultancy services in the booming restaurant scene of Ahmedabad. “New restaurants were mushrooming in Gujarat but most of the promoters were investors with limited knowledge of the hospitality, food and beverage industry,” explains Shah. The few consultants present at that time provided a start-up with only inputs on equipment, design, conceptualisation, recipes, menu ideas and advice on starting and operating the restaurant. With WeServe, Mehta and Shah went a step further. “We gave the start-ups more options than what other consultants were offering at that time. We offered them an all-inclusive contract where we would manage the entire operations of a restaurant for the owner,” says Shah.

via Serving Haute Vegetarian Platters – The New Indian Express.

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