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By Jessica Reed, | May 25, 2015

From peaches to asparagus, pineapple rings to polenta, there’s a wealth of tasty alternatives – and you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy them.

I was going to start this article by consoling all vegetarians and vegans, reminding them they don’t need to feel sorry if attending a BBQ on Memorial Day. This is my first mistake: they don’t need consoling. My second mistake: not addressing meat eaters here.

Yes, of course carnivores like you enjoy a good steak grilled on the barbie (as my Australian friends say). But don’t be stupid and skip the vegetarian options; they make for more interesting side dishes than a bun, a tomato and some wilted romaine lettuce.


The king of grilled deserts. You can lightly brush each halves with olive oil before throwing them on the grill, before filling them with homemade whipped cream (and a swirl of maple syrup), or really good pistachio ice cream. Other options include simple brown sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract.

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Source: Seven Things You Can Grill That Arent Meat – NDTV Food

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