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By Jacquelyn Horne, posted March 5, 2105

The various food lifestyles people choose to follow always interest me.

I know I have spent an enormous amount of time getting my arms around Rick’s Celiac diet. With the addition of a diabetic diet, I am truly over the top with massive confusion.

I never thought about adding another special diet into the mix until I found out a friend from high school is struggling with his teen daughter who is trying to become a vegetarian. Dad is a die-hard meat eater, thus, the problem.

While waiting for Rick to come home from work, I turned to the Internet to try to understand the concept of vegetarianism. I know that one of my “adopted” daughters is a vegetarian, and she is also a very good veterinarian.

She is philosophically opposed to inflicting pain and death on any species capable of feeling pain. I so respect her decision, and when she visits, I make a special effort to understand and honor her dietary decision.

Until today, I had never really gotten into the background of vegetarianism. I had always focused on meatless recipes, but that is far from the whole picture.

What an eye opener! When you say the term “vegetarian”, you have just scraped the tip of the old iceberg. The term actually refers to several levels, each with fancy, scientific sounding names. We are not going there; we are just going to scrape the surface of vegetarianism.

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