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Why I’m going vegetarian after seeing shocking Animal Aid film of UK abbatoir cruelty

19 February 2015 by Kate Morris  I’m going vegetarian after eating meat for 50 years, since seeing shocking film of UK abbatoir cruelty One in eight Brits are now vegetarian. Kate Morris explains why, after eating meat all her life, the recent undercover footage of animal cruelty has made her become one too Going veggie: Kate is going to be eating a lot more of these I have always had a strong empathy with animals. I once spent three days of a seven-day holiday finding a home for a tiny …

Sweets fit for a vegetarian – Sentinel-Tribune: Cooks

For years, Jennifer Karches was a proud vegetarian. It sounds healthy, right? And by eliminating meat from her diet, she was not contributing to animal cruelty. “I kind of felt virtuous being a vegetarian,” said Karches, of Bowling Green. Then in 2010, through her job at WBGU-TV, Karches met Dr. Neal Barnard, an author, researcher and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who came to the station for a fundraiser. “I got to meet him when he was there and I got to …

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