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The effect vegetarians have on the meat of the matter

… diet. What is also currently unknown is whether increasing meat prices have pushed consumers away from animal protein products. Indeed, most reports suggest the number of vegetarian consumers in the Western world has not significantly increased over time. In most surveys recently published, vegetarians only constitute four to five per cent of the population. That number increases slightly if consumers who are inclined to occasionally go meatless are added to the mix. Consumers who do become …

5 Muscle-Building Foods For Vegetarians

HuffPost India | By Aashmita Nayar | April 21, 2015 If you’re a vegetarian looking to gain muscle mass, don’t let animal protein stop you from achieving your body goals. “Most vegetarian foods provide carbs, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals in ample amounts, but not protein,” says nutritionist Krupa Mhatre of Gold’s Gym India. Mhatre has observed that several vegetarians who work out rely on protein supplements. “But there there are several vegetarian foods, …

Living life without meat

… can’t be a junk food vegetarian with a diet high in processed and fast foods. It is what replaces the meat in the diet that makes the vegetarian diet healthy. “The health benefits are endless,” she said. “Many of these benefits occur due to lower consumption of cholesterol, saturated fat and animal protein.” The benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle are not just limited to health. There may be many cost savings associated with a meatless diet. Fruits and vegetables on average are less …

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