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Vegetarianism a growing trend: 7 kinds of vegetarians you may encounter at a restaurant – The Economic Times

… possession is punishable by the same jail term that Oscar Pistorius got for killing his girlfriend — in Maharashtra, but it may seem a little infra dig, too. Amaranth, quinoa, sattu and beetroot, on the other hand, are no longer the poor cousins and if you have not had even one plush dish fashioned out of these, you must be seriously deprived. The poor man’s legacy is trending, the rich man’s fashion statement may yet become the poor’s illicit/illegal protein passion. If that …

National Vegetarian Week: 7 vegetarian recipes for a spicy Mexican feast

… fortunately when I joined Las Iguanas many years ago the team saw it as an opportunity to tap in to some insider knowledge. “Over the past few years we have worked really hard to develop more and more tasty veggie and vegan dishes.” So try these tasty veggie dishes as National Vegetarian Week begins on May 19 from the classic champinones with thick-sliced mushrooms in a creamy smoked chilli sauce, to the sultry, earthy Brazilian Beets cocktail which combines cachaça with lemon, beetroot …

Go green for National Vegetarian Week – May 19th to 25th

… Las Iguanas menu features traditional dishes from across the continent, so what are you waiting for? Start vegging out. Las Iguanas in Wales is at Unit 27, Ground Floor, Mermaid Quay and 8 Mill Lane in Cardiff. For more details visit www.iguanas.co.uk National Vegetarian Week runs from May 19-25 Click here http://www.walesonline.co.uk/ for the recipe for Black Bean and beetroot Burger …

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