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Vegetarian Food photos on Instagram are gorgeous

By Madison Malone Kircher | October 5, 2015 If you’ve ever thought vegetarians eat nothing but salad, think again. From hot dogs to BLT sandwiches, vegetarians have created meatless alternatives to popular foods. And they might even be more tasty than the originals. So whether you’re a long time vegetarian or just thinking about changing your diet, Instagram is a great place to get food inspiration. In honor of Vegetarian Awareness Month, Instagram is currently featuring photography …

Here are some New Year’s Revolutions

Whoever invented New Year’s resolutions didn’t know much about human nature: Everybody’s are similar and nobody keeps them very long, perhaps because the proposals are too ambitious or difficult. Many concern diet, an annual windfall for NutriSystem and BowFlex. Instead of composing the same high-minded list, consider these practical revolutions, with broadband results. Eat more comfort food. The name is well-earned. Adjusting meat loaf, mashed potatoes, stew, roast whole chicken, a BLT, …

Vegetarian Sandwiches Worth Writing Home About

There’s a common misconception that great sandwiches have to be loaded with meat. It’s no one’s fault really, it just so happens that some of our favorite sandwiches are meat forward. There’s the club sandwich with double layers of meat. And then the Reuben that’s loaded with corned beef. And let’s not forget the BLT which gives bacon its proper glory. But we’re here today to prove that great sandwiches can be vegetarian — and they can be even …

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