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New vegans explain their motivations and how easy or hard it is to eat differently – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

… animal products (such as gelatin or white sugar processed using animal bones). But that’s where the similarities end. 50 SHADES OF VEGAN Raw-food vegans, like those Moore found on YouTube, aim to eat food that hasn’t been cooked above a certain temperature, typically around 110 degrees F. In contrast, macrobiotic vegans center their diets on cooked whole grains and beans and eat only small amounts of raw food. Another common variation is referred to as oil-free, plant-based veganism. Stefani …

Helpful Tips for Vegetarians : NUTRITION&FOOD : Youth Health Magzine

Think about protein. Your protein needs can easily be met by eating a variety of plant foods. Sources of protein for vegetarians include beans and peas, nuts, and soy products (such as tofu, tempeh). Lacto-ovo vegetarians also get protein from eggs and dairy foods. Bone up on sources of calcium. Calcium is used for building bones and teeth. Some vegetarians consume dairy products, which are excellent sources of calcium. Other sources of calcium for vegetarians include calcium-fortified …

Three Vegetarian Ramen Options That Will Bowl You Over | Westword

People swoon over tonkotsu ramen, with pork bones — including heads and trotters — boiled for twelve or more hours until the broth turns opaque. Vegetarian versions don’t have quite the same heady effect, but some chefs are trying to change that. In my current review of Tokio , I write about what chef-owner Miki Hashimoto calls “ramen air,” with noodles suspended in a thick, orange base fashioned from sweet potatoes, pumpkin, soy milk and miso. The soup stands out …

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