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A vegetarian in France? Good luck with that … | Herald Scotland

By Fidelma Cook | May 30, 2015 There’s a doctor here who, while considered a superb practitioner of his profession, has – to put very kindly – no bedside manner. The Brits are, in the main, signed up to him because he prides himself on his spoken English. And indeed many of them have reason to be very grateful to him because he has undoubtedly saved lives by his immediate referrals to specialists. Like all doctors here, it seems, he has no age blindness and strives as hard to …

Vegetarian recipes for modern tastes – Winston-Salem Journal: Food

… strikes the perfect balance of filling, healthy and exciting food. That’s what makes the title so apt: More people are realizing that they need lighter food and more vegetables, but they want dishes that are just as fun and satisfying to eat as the heavier meat and starchy foods that they are replacing. Jones points out that while the number of vegetarians may be rising slowly, the number of people cutting back on meat is skyrocketing. Brits, Americans and people all over the world are waking …

Why I’m going vegetarian after seeing shocking Animal Aid film of UK abbatoir cruelty

19 February 2015 by Kate Morris  I’m going vegetarian after eating meat for 50 years, since seeing shocking film of UK abbatoir cruelty One in eight Brits are now vegetarian. Kate Morris explains why, after eating meat all her life, the recent undercover footage of animal cruelty has made her become one too Going veggie: Kate is going to be eating a lot more of these I have always had a strong empathy with animals. I once spent three days of a seven-day holiday finding a home for a tiny …

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