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Weeknight vegetarian: Peel a plantain, elevate a taco | canada.com

By Joe Yonan | April 21, 2015 A day in which I learn a new taco-filling idea is a good day. I have my standbys, including lentils and other beans (black, pinto and garbanzo), squash, greens, corn, poblano peppers, sweet potatoes, eggs — in various combinations and with countless nuts, cheese, herbs, condiments and other add-ins. And I love them all. But when you make tacos as often as I do — at least twice a week — any revelation is cause for celebration, or at least gratitude. The …

“Vegetarian” Cocoa Puffs: Boston School Cafs on the Front Lines of the Food Wars – NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly

… definitions in this debate have over the years often gotten blurred, ranging from condiments being claimed as nutritional to potato lobbyists fighting to keep their starch firmly on the menu. There’s the battle over pizza, currently one of the most popular school menu items. According to an article last fall in the New York Times, “Schools purchase more than $450 million worth every year.” Before stricter guidelines, it was acceptable to “market pizza slices as a product containing …

10 Best Thai Vegetarian Recipes – NDTVCooks.com

… kaffir lime, to galangal, coconut milk, fish sauce and a host of local condiments that cook up a traditional Thai delicacy. One of the best things about Thai cuisine is the flexibility it offers in its preparations, for instance, you have the fiery red meat curry which can easily be transformed into a vegetarian version without compromising much on the authentic taste. Rice is a staple in Thailand, a traditional accompaniment with Thai curries, soups, fried vegetables that can often be replaced …

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