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Other views: Know how that chicken got to your table?

… covering chickens — which account for 96% of the animals slaughtered — focus on food safety, not cruelty. If a chicken is scalded to death in the production process, government inspectors won’t necessarily intervene. About 700,000 birds — albeit a tiny fraction of the nearly 9 billion slaughtered — died by scalding in 2013. None of this is necessary. Alternatives exist to kill chickens with less distress and suffering. Britain and parts of Europe use a system that puts them to sleep …

Review: Little Beet Table turns healthy eating into chore – NY Daily News

… process, he also managed to turn healthful eating into a chore. Elegant-sounding plates like grilled beets with pumpkin seed-almond granola ($13) look more like rations at a sanitorium in Pyongyang; a few desultory beets almost seem embarrassed to be sitting on boring breakfast cereal that adds nothing but dental distress. Roasted sunchokes and baby leeks ($14) resemble a Soviet-style bowl of potatoes; luckily, the vegetable’s deep, earthy flavor makes up for its grim appearance. To finish …

GRAY: Vegetarian lifestyle provides many health benefits, saves animals – Daily Nebraskan: Opinion

… first and foremost in my heart is that by eating less meat, I cause less harm to animals. I’m an avid animal lover, which was more than enough of a reason for me to initially stop eating meat. But there’s more concrete information to back it up as well. Studies  show that all warm-blooded beings experience pain, stress and fear. Animals such as cows, pigs, chicken, turkey, ducks and sheep all feel distress and have the same kind of fear and pain as we do when being hurt and killed. They …

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