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7 reasons to turn vegetarian – from better health to a cheaper food bill – BT

By Nel Staveley| June 12, 2015 It’s Meat Free Day, which is the perfect time to look at why a vegetarian diet might be better for you than a carnivorous one. Ask someone why they don’t eat meat, and the two big answers are probably ‘it’s cruel’ or the slightly less noble ‘I don’t like the taste’. But there are more good reasons why around four million Britons eschew the carnivorous diet, too; like how Eating vegetarian could also make you healthier, slimmer, kinder, and – all …

6 Vegetarian Crock-Pot Recipes So Good, You’ll Gladly Skip The Meat | Bustle

A good dinner doesn’t need meat to make a statement. It speaks for itself. And, if we’re being honest, it’s usually a hell of a lot easier to put together than a platter that requires deboning, browning, sautéing, or deveining. A vegetarian meal made in the Crock-Pot? That’s a serious no-brainer. A vegetarian dish packs as much — if not more — protein, vitamins, and grains than your average run-of-the-mill, meat-filled one, and takes just about half the cooking time. And eating …

The 8 ways eating vegetarian changed my daily life

Eating vegetarian has surprisingly come easy for me. I shared during the week the details of My Vegetarian Experiment and today I want to share how it has changed my daily life or daily routine. Below are some of the changes I have noticed from cutting meat out of my diet:1. I don’t feel tired after eating.Before I started my vegetarian experiment I would eat a meal and immediately feel tired afterwards. I would kind of going into a food coma or slump mode and it would take hours to get …

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