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Vegetarian Kitchen: Long-term vegetarians say a lot has changed for the better, but that’s only half the story – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

… people, Fahrman said, “I had an epiphany.” A meat-based diet is “not an efficient way of feeding the world,” he said. But he won’t tell you the same if you meet him at a dinner party and ask why he’s a vegetarian. “You do have to bite your lip and say, ‘I don’t like all that cholesterol,’ ” Fahrman said of the delicate dance vegetarians sometimes perform to keep the tone of a gathering civil. After close to 30 years of being a vegetarian myself, I too have learned to choose …

Derek Rielly: Becoming a vegetarian… again

… wasn’t a great leap. For the previous 10 years I hadn’t touched red or white meat, a result of a childhood excursion to a Dorsogna meat processing plant in Palmyra and, later, a fortuitous meeting with Hare Krishna philosophies in Byron Bay. The Hares lost me at “no illicit sex” but got me with their vivid imagery of reincarnation. Who wants to wind up as a cow in a butchery? My fish epiphany was in 1999 and, until a year ago, my promise stayed good. But then I drifted …

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