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Charles Krauthammer: A vegetarian future – Fayetteville Observer: National Columns

… believed in African inferiority? While retrospective judgment tends to make us feel superior to our ancestors, it should really evoke humility. Surely some contemporary practices will be deemed equally abominable by succeeding generations. The only question is: Which ones? I’ve long thought it will be our treatment of animals. I’m convinced that our great-grandchildren will find it difficult to believe that we actually raised, herded and slaughtered them on an industrial scale …

Being vegan’s about ‘making positive changes’ | Stuff.co.nz

By Jonathan Allen | April 4, 2015 Being vegetarian or vegan is about making positive changes. Huge ones. For the animals, for your health, for future generations and for the environment. It is choosing to not contribute to the industries that we know are exploitative, cruel and damaging. When I was 16, I worked in a supermarket butchery for a few months. At the same time I was considering going vegetarian and had already cut my meat consumption down to just chicken. When I left that job, I …


… and potato creations handed down over generations. There’s a common misconception that vegetarian meals are bland and void of flavour. Every good chef will tell you that is just not true. There are many ways to “spice up” a vegetarian menu. There are also simple ingredients that are both healthy and tasty that will appeal to even the most fickle meat-lover. For example, Quinoa is becoming a popular ingredient in vegetarian recipes. Used for thousands of years as a food staple in the South …

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