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10 popular vegetarian biryani and pulao dishes – The Times of India

… simple to make and has a wonderful sweet aroma. Wash the basmati rice and keep aside. Break saffron strands and keep it soaked in warm milk. Take a pressure cooker and put some good quality ghee in it. Fry some whole cashew nuts and keep aside, followed by adding bay leaf, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks and seeds of cardamom. You can also use cumin seeds for an extra edge. Mix the basmati rice and fry it well with salt and sugar. Pour water to make the rice cook well, but not break. Cook it for …

Go vegetarian – Livemint

… important to first define what these experts mean by vegetarian, because following an Indian vegetarian diet does not always mean you’re eating healthy. For instance, a diet consisting of polished rice, fried snacks, refined flour, sweets, overcooked vegetables and ghee-laden dals is a poor diet that invites obesity and other health problems like malnourishment. On the other hand, a diet which includes fresh fruits, wholegrains, seeds and nuts, vegetables, dals and beans, cooked in small …

Vegetarianism a growing trend: 7 kinds of vegetarians you may encounter at a restaurant – The Economic Times

… isn’t social churn enough, what is? Vegetarians in restaurant-going India may have always felt somewhat ostracised for eating ‘ghaasphoos’, marginalised by menus dishing out only paneer and aloo in ten avatars each, but they now seem to be having the last laugh. The shoe is well and truly on the other food, oops, foot — and not just on the sets of Masterchef India, where they can roll out khandvi roulades with ghee and glee! Minority in Focus Vegetarianism is a growing trend, …

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