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American Vegetarianism Has a Religious Past | Smart News | Smithsonian

… the founding fathers of vegetarianism in the United States and while their diets were partly driven by a desire for good health, it wasn’t necessarily out of respect for animals that they left meat off the menu. Rather, Graham and Kellogg were concerned that rich, meaty diets were making people sex-crazed and destroying their moral fiber. In the 1830’s, Sylvester Graham became one of America’s first diet gurus. An evangelical minister from Massachusetts, Graham believed that …

Study reveals eating more vegetables and less red meat may lessen the odds of developing cataracts | UTSanDiego.com

… 15 percent decrease. On the other hand, fish eaters had a 21 percent decrease in cataracts, while vegetarians and vegans had a 30 percent and 40 percent decrease, respectively. Feldman said that while researchers do not know yet exactly why eating less red meat may lower the risk for developing cataracts, other studies have shown that a plant-based diet contributes to overall good health. For instance, a National Cancer Institute study of 500,000 people showed that people who ate the most red …

Vegetarian lifestyle good for environment – The Morning Call

All humanity is at the point of having to make a very difficult choice. We either end our consumption of animal foods or face two consequences: the planet not being able to feed people sufficiently to maintain good health into the future, and the destruction of our environments that have provided for life for hundreds of millions of years. Here’s the present situation and future expectation. We have to recognize that the world has an increasing number of people who want and expect enough …

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