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Meat-Eaters And Vegetarians Meet In The Middle: The Birth Of ‘Reducetarianism’

… that meat production from the clearing of lands and trees to the transportation of these products, accounts for nearly 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. That is why a vegetarian’s footprint is nearly half that of a meat lover’s. And for a vegan, it’s even lower.” The environmental reasons people choose to abstain from meat has a significant amount of factual groundwork laid out to support them already. “We also know meat production requires a lot of water,” Kateman said. …

Meatless Monday to help the Earth | Care2 Healthy Living

… that lowering our meat consumption is also an excellent way to protect the planet. As you contemplate how you can step up your efforts to recycle, conserve energy, and purchase green-friendly products, consider how cutting out meat one day a week can help! Three Meatless Monday Benefits for the Environment: 1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change Do you opt for walking, biking, or public transportation as often as possible because of the climate-damaging emissions produced by …

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