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6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Go Vegetarian

… prevention—recently reviewed all clinical trials of vegetarian diets in terms of weight loss. His findings, published this month in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, reveal that going green tends to lead to a lighter you—even if shedding pounds isn’t the original goal for going vegetarian. The average weight loss tracked by Barnard: 7.5 pounds. And the longer study, the greater the loss. You May Gain Some Healthy Bacteria In Your gut—And Some Bloat, At Least At …

Vegetarian diet promotes growth and activity of “friendly” bacteria – Mizo News

From Mizonews.Net | April 20, 2015 – Featured Contributor: By Maneka Gandhi, Parliametarian & Animal Rights Activist The contents of your intestines are vital for your health .Within the intestine live trillions of organisms known as the gut microflora. Their many functions include: completing the digestion of foods through fermentation, protecting against disease causing bacteria, synthesizing water soluble vitamins, and stimulating development of the immune system. The health of …

Vegetarian Protein Sufficient For Appetite Control and Weight LossMedicalResearch.com Medical Research Interviews and News

… mixed meat source of protein was used in our high protein diets, but this approach has been criticised both from a policy and public health perspective because of potential negative side effects, especially on gut health (4). There is acceptance that vegetable based weight loss diet may offer protection from diseases (5). It may be that alternative vegetable sources of protein could be satiating, and yet maintain a healthy gut during weight loss, and we set up a study to test this, using soya …

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