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LETTER: For health’s sake, go vegetarian in 2015

… reputable study has ever shown an opposite result. But times are changing. Hundreds of schools, colleges, hospitals and corporate cafeterias, have embraced Meatless Monday. According to a Gallup poll, 22 percent of American consumers are avoiding meat and 12 percent are avoiding dairy products. Harris Interactive claims that 47 percent of American consumers are reducing consumption of animal products. Accordingly, plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products are growing explosively, …

Need protein? Try these tips | Sandusky Register

At a time when more than a third of American adults are obese and childhood obesity rates are rising exponentially, more Americans are looking for meat alternatives in their dining choices. In fact, nearly 16 million Americans are vegetarian and about a third say they’re choosing vegan or vegetarian meals more often, according to a Harris Interactive study commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group. “Part of the reason this is going mainstream is that vegetarian diets are proven to be …

When There’s a Vegetarian Child in the Family – NYTimes.com

… “What did they ever do to us?” I mentally rummaged through and discarded potential answers: “It’s a dog-eat-dog world”? “The circle of life”? “Just don’t think about it”? Whereas pickiness was formerly seen as a character flaw, a failure of parenting or just plain bad manners, it can now acquire a veneer of health, mindfulness and principled ethics. Kids aren’t being picky; they are choosing. An April 2014 poll  of 1,200 Americans conducted by Harris Interactive for the …

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